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History of Kildalkey N.S.

The name Kildalkey comes from the Irish name Cill Dealga meaning Dealga’s church and was previously known as Killshallago (Coill Sealga) meaning the wood for hunting.

From the time of St. Patrick, Kildalkey was a place of importance as a church and later as a monastery for about 500 years and would likely have been one of the larger settlements in the area, larger than either Trim or Athboy, in fact.

Kildalkey’s patron saint is St. Dympna and the school, church, hall and well are named in her honour.

A school in Kildalkey was built in 1931 as a two roomed school and replaced a chapel on the site. Later, extensions were added in the 1960s and 1970s to cater for increasing numbers and an amalgamation with Carnisle school.

Due to expanding numbers, a number of prefabricated buildings were added from 2000 on and two classes were located in Kildalkey Hall which was renovated with a grant from the Department of Education in 2006.

It was inevitable however that a more sustainable solution to providing a larger school in Kildalkey was required. In 2009/2010, the new Principal Mr. Fox and the Fr. Devine made a number of approaches to local public representative Noel Dempsey regarding building a new school in Kildalkey. In 2011, the new school project was finally approved and the first stage of the process begun.

The Department of Education Architect did a survey of the school building to investigate whether a new school building could be built on the same site. They found that the most economical approach would be to build a new school on a green field site. Bishop Smith was approached regarding a site and was willing to provide a site on parish land on the Athboy road.

From 2011 to 2016 the design of the building, the planning permission and the appointment of six consultants and building contractors took place with the build getting started in 2017.

The new school building was opened  in September 2018. The new school is a state of the art design 12 classroom 2 storey school with a P.E. hall and ancillary rooms. There is a junior yard play area and two basketball courts as well as a football pitch. There are car parks  for staff and parents and a traffic flow and drop off system for buses and cars. Pedestrian crossings and a new footpath cater for those who choose to walk a covered bike storage is provided for pupils who cycle to school.

The new school building is designed to make maximum use of natural sunlight with large windows throughout. Many features of the new school are greener such as the rainwater harvesting system which collects and cleans water from the roof for use in toilets. The lighting system uses more efficient lighting. The school is fully internet wired and each classroom has a 65 inch interactive touch screen.

Kildalkey N.S. has a rich history and with our new school, we have lots to look forward to in the immediate future!!

Opening and Closing Times

We open at 9.20 and close at 3.00. Our Infant classes close at 14.00.

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