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Good attendance is very important. It is important for learning. A child who is in school
regularly will find it easier to keep up their friendships. They will also get to know teacher
better and settle in better.
We understand that sometimes children are unwell, however, missing 10 days every year
would be the same as missing 10 weeks of school by the time they complete their primary
​When a child is marked absent on Aladdin roll, the reason for the absence is entered as soon
as that information becomes available. This allows the school to categorise the absence,
such as unexplained, illness, urgent family reason etc. This information will form part of the
reporting procedure sent to the Educational Welfare Services section of the TUSLA - Child
and Family Agency.
Under the Education Welfare Act letters must be sent home, drawing parents’ attention to
poor attendance. You will receive a letter from the school at 15 days and again at 20 days
When a child has been absent for 20 days, the Educational Welfare Services section of Tusla
- Child and Family Agency will be notified. St Dympna’s N.S has no discretion over handing
this information on to TUSLA, regardless of the reason for absence. However, TUSLA will
take account of absences due to illness, bereavement or other such circumstances. There
are 2 periods during the year when we are obliged to report information to TUSLA.
Additionally, TUSLA request an Annual Report at the end of each academic year.

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