St. Dympnas N.S. kildalkey Musical Instrument purchase 2020

St. Dympna’s Primary school in Kildalkey were delighted to receive an award of one thousand eight hundred euro towards the purchase of musical instruments.

The Award was made to the school under the Meath County Council School Musical Instrument Purchase scheme.

The school have used the grant to purchase Bodhráns and the picture shows 3rd class in Kildalkey enjoying a bodhrán lesson with teacher Colm Conneely.

The school would like to acknowledge the instruments funded under the Meath County Council Arts Office School Musical Instrument Purchase Scheme with support from Creative Ireland.

The school would like to thank the many staff who helped get the project up and running: Ms. Nicola Tuite for initiating the application, Mrs. Angela Smyth for proposing the purchase of Bodhráns and Mr. Conneely for teaching the bodhrán class.

The school is very pleased that pupils will have the opportunity to learn this wonderful traditional instrument for many years to come and we look forward to the first video performance soon.