COVID Information

Parents and Guardians are asked to be aware of the following.

Parents are asked to contact the school immediately (via email or phone) if their child tests positive for COVID.

Close Contacts

If your child is a close contact, they will be contacted by the HSE. They will be asked to get a PCR test and then 10 days from the last point of contact with the pod/positive case, take another test. Once the second test is negative, they are cleared to come back to school.

N.B. It is important to note that they must get the second test exactly 10 days after the first point of contact - they do not come back to school until the results of that test come through.

We are asking all parents/guardians not to send in students if they have COVID symptoms. A list of COVID symptoms can be found on the HSE website here. Please note these symptoms include coughs, runny or blocked noses and headaches. We ask all parents/guardians not to send students to school if they have colds.

Due to the pods system and focus on washing hands/sanitizing regularly and well ventilated rooms, there has been little to no transferrance in the school. We aim to keep it this way and we ask parents/guardians to assist us in this.