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Fifth Class

Intel Mini Scientists 2017!!

Well done to all the fifth class students who competed in the Intel Mini Scientist competition this year.

Owing to the musical this year that the fifth class are participating in, it was optional for the class to participate in the exhibition. Despite that obstacle, ten students took part, producing some superb projects.


Ava-Marie went it alone, producing a superb project on water and its effects and importance.


James and Thomas created a charger from phones, explaining the theory behind it!


Amy, Ava and Leah created a solar oven and cooked marshmallows and chocolate in it!


Anna, Ellen, Meadhbh and Shannon did a project on DNA and explained the science behind it, before taking samples of people's DNA.

In the end, Anna, Ellen, Meadhbh and Shannon's group won the overall competition and go ahead to the next round of the Mini Scientist competition!


Well done girls and to all the competitors!


Pumpkin Expressions

To celebrate Halloween the children created Pumpkin Expressions!

Responding to Monet

The children looked at the piece Sunset in Venice by Claude Monet and responded to it by creating their own versions.

School Tour 2017

The 5th class children had a great time on their school tour yesterday. First up was the National Print Museum where they learned about the history of printing, experienced traditional hand printing and designed a Printer's Hat. Next up was Croke Park, the children visited the players lounge, dressing rooms, VIP area, pitch side and the museum. It was a wonderful day!Making the hats.

Making the most of the sunshine!

Fifth class doing their art lessons outside to make the most of those sunny days!

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