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First Class

Curious Minds Gold Award

Curious Minds Gold Award


Our school have been awarded the Curious Minds Gold Award for their work in the STEM subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths this year. Our submission for the award included activities from all classes in our school. A great achievement for the children. This is our 10th year taking part in the Curious Minds (formerly Discover Primary Science) competition and have always received excellent feedback from the judges. The plaque we received will be proudly displayed in our school. 

Our 1st Class pupils attended a virtual awards ceremony on Friday 16th June and were thrilled to see our school on the big screen. A massive thank you to the pupils and staff for continuing to strive in the promotion of STEM within our school community.

Curious Minds Award

Curious Minds Award 1

Pineapple Prints

Pineapple Prints

Taking inspiration from our themes in May the children did lots of art projects about food. They drew pieces of fruit and used eggshells to make a fruit bowl mosaic. To complete our theme we made pineapple prints using our finger prints. The chidlren had great fun using this method.

Pineapple Print

Games from around the world

Games from around the world

The children learned about Games from around the world this afternoon.

Sardines, Jacks, Shadows, Cat and Mouse and Spinning Tops.

We took the opportunity to test some of these games and had great fun.

Cat and Mouse: The Cat must chase the mouse in and out of the circle, sometimes a second cat or mouse joined in the fun.

Games from around the world 3

Games from around the world 4

Games from around the world 5

Shadows: The chaser must step on your shadow to catch you.

Games from around the world

Games from around the world 1


Mini Athletics - First Class

Mini Athletics

First Class enjoyed sessions with Joan from Athletics Ireland in May. She helped them developed their running, jumping and throwing techniques. They had a super time!

Mini Athletics 1

Mini Athletics 2

Mini Athletics 3

Mini Athletics 4

Mini Athletics 5

Mini Athletics 8

Mini Athletics 9

Mini Athletics 6

Mini Athletics 7

Active Schools Week First Class 2023

Active Schools Week

This week we celebrated Active Schools' Week. We had great fun doing laps of our school, a fitness class, a dance class and orienteering. We had great fun, check out our class Seesaw to see a video of our dance!

Active Schools Week

Active Schools Week 1

Active Schools Week 2

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