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First Class

Week 2+3 of School Closure

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is safe and keeping well. Please find below a list of suggested activities you could do with your child to continue their learning for Week 2 and 3 of school closures. As stated on the main page we hope that this is not creating any additional stress for you and we ask that you access only as much of this work that you can do. Although Week 2 has already been covered in the previous post I have added some suggested learning activities.

I hope you have a lovely Easter and hopefully we will be back safely in school soon.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Lowther


Oral Language

Week 2

Parents can now access Folensonline by registering as a teacher and using the special code Prim20 when asked for a roll number. On this site you can access to wonderful oral language posters, go to Starlight 1st class>Unit>Combined 7. Camping>Poster-15.Camping. The children can listen to either Story 1 or 2 and discuss it afterwards. There are a number of related activities based on the poster under Questions(this will test their comprehension skills), Activity, Labelling and a poem called ‘Camping’. They could respond to the poem through art.

Week 3

Some suggestions for oral language games: Would You Rather?, Name 5 Things( e.g. Name 5 things that are square), What am I? ( I am round, You kick me etc) They can play these games with a parent or sibling.


Week 2: Combined Reader: 7A: The Great Outdoors

Week 3: Combined Reader: 7B: Noises in the Night

Read the stories and chat about what happens in it. Go through the meaning of the words in bold. If your child is finding the vocabulary in these stories difficult you could put them into sentences or draw a picture to match the word.

Reading books/magazines/comics at home. The Oxford Owl website www.// have free ebooks suitable for children aged 3-11 years old.


Week 2: Combined Reader: 7A: The Great Outdoors

Comprehension/Vocabulary: p.55 activities based on the story.

Grammar: p. 56 focuses on contractions.

Creative Writing: focus on narrative writing (telling a story) answer the questions based on the story The Great Outdoors.

Week 3: Combined Reader: 7B: Noises in the Night

Comprehension/Vocabulary: p.59 activities based in the story.

Grammar: p. 60 further work on contractions.

Creative Writing: P.61 using the pictures at the top write a narrative story.

Free writing is also encouraged, you can let the children choose a topic or choose a topic for them such as sport, Easter, camping.


Just Phonics Workbook: Week 2: oy sound pg. 77

                                   Week 3: oi and oy sounds pg. 78


Handwriting: Ready, Steady, Write!

Week 2: p.54+55 The letter V

Week 3: p.56+57 The letter W



Week 2: Topic: Addition 5

Pgs138-142 there are number lines and hundred squares available on to help with this topic. If you have a whiteboard at home, they are really handy for the visual display of tens and units.

Week 3: Topic: Time

Pgs 133, 134, 136- revise o clock and introduce half past. The children have completed some work on the calendar so this will be revision. There are additional activities and worksheets available on (see below for login details) Planet Maths 1st class>topic 66 Time2 and on Parents can assist children by mentioning time informally during daily activities, planning week ahead and helping their child to read analogue and digital clocks. Find clocks around the home: cooker, microwave, DVD player, cameras and computers. Use timers to bake buns, heat pizza, etc

Mental Maths: Weeks 24+25 have a really good game called Hit the Button. Select Number Bonds and it revises addition and subtraction within 10 and 20.

Tables -8 and -9


Week 2: Continue with the booklet givenlast week. Practice informal Irish at home and watch TG4 to help with exposure to the language.

Week 3: Focus on words associated with Easter: boinéad, coinín, sicín, uan, ubh, cros, seaclaid, ciseán, ribín. This is a good read and draw worksheet for these words

The children could also draw an Easter picture and label it using their Irish words.

Here are some websites that will help with general revision:


Week 2: The children can continue with their Animal projects. They could present them to their family and you could ask the child questions about their chosen animal.

Week 3: Topic: Easter

-some ideas include writing an acrostic poem for Easter

- Here is a link to an Easter comprehension

-Here is a link for a website with some egg experiments you could try


The RTE player has a section called 10@10 which is a number of 10 minute exercises for children. GoNoodle is also fantastic for dancing and exercise.


Easter: I am aware you may not have the required materials at home but these are links to some websites that have good Easter art ideas: (please see below for membership code)


At this time of uncertainty I think it’s important to make children feel safe so I have linked some a very good booklet that may help yousupport and reassure your child regarding the COVID-19. This book is an invitation for families to discuss the full range of emotions arising from the current situation.


Our Grow in Love Programme are offering parents free access using the following details:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Go to 1st class>theme 7 there are two chapters Jesus comes to Jerusalem and Jesus is Risen. Each chapter has videos and ideas on how to celebrate Holy Week and Easter. There are some colouring sheets available to download also.

Due to this situation the website are offering all parents a One Month Free Membership which will allow parents access to resources related to all curriculum areas. Just go to and enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS

Folensonline access: Register as a teacher and use the roll number: PRIM20

COVID19 Forced Closure Work for 1st Class



Please see additional work for Mrs. Brady's groups

Mrs. Brady1

Mrs. Brady2


This month the children have been learning about length.

January 2020

The children made firework displays to celebrate the start of 2020!

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