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First Class


First Class went on to look at the work of French artist Georges Seurat. We used his technique of printing small dots of colour to create an image of a tree! We had so much fun seeing how the dots visually blended together. 

printing irfanview 1

printing irfanview 2

April Art

This month in art, First Class have been exploring the artistic process of printmaking! We used different printmaking techniques to transfer shapes, patterns and images onto other surfaces. We even used flowers! printing irfanview 3



Wildflowers in Spring!

Throughout the month of March, we have been learning all about flowers. In science we investigated whether or not plants always grow in a straight line. During our experiment we realised that the plants actually grow towards the light! 

We used what we learned about wildflowers in S.E.S.E to write our very own report in English about wildflowers!

Inspired by Van Gogh's famous 'Sunflowers', in Art we created a bouquet of flowers as a 3D structure. flower wall

wildflower reports


Spring in First Class!

Upon our return to school, we have been embracing Spring in First Class as we prepare for Easter. See below our fantastic chicks hatching out of their eggs, symbolising new life and re - birth. hatching chicks

Christmas Art

In December, we used our art lessons to explore and discover the possibilities of clay. After free play and demonstration, the children modelled, prepared and painted their own Christmas ornament to hang on the Christmas tree. We thoroughly enjoyed the process and the final pieces look amazing!IV christmas 2

IV christmas 4

IV christmas 3

IV christmas

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