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First Class - KL

The Twits

We read Roald Dahl's "The Twits". It was really funny and a bit disgusting!!! We predicted what will happen before we started and wrote about our favourite parts of the book......

Snow Scenes

We've painted snow scenes.......

Ruth's Day Out with the President


Ruth from first class had her big day out with President D. Higgins last Saturday, December 9th.

Having been invited to attend the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Áras an Uachtaráin, Ruth attended with her mother. She also brought a card with her signed by the class and handed it to the grateful President! 


A lovely day was had which culminated in the turning on of the Christmas lights. Ruth thoroughly enjoyed herself and had a great time. Thanks to President D. Higgins for inviting Ruth to the Áras!


Ruth even had time to make herself a cup of tea!

Our Toys Projects

The boys and girls of 1st Class did a project about a toy of their choice, exploring how the toys have changed over the years. They put in a lot of hard work and some of the classes and the parents came to see their great efforts.....


Rang a hAon have been doing some gymnastics. We have been working especially hard on our forward roll. Here's a quick demonstration....

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