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First Class

Halloween Fun


We had a great week this week learning all about the traditions and origins of Halloween.

We had a Halloween hunt around the school to finish off a great week.

Halloween Dress Up


Halloween Dress Up

Halloween Hunt

Halloween Hunt 1

Halloween Hunt 2

Halloween Hunt 3

Halloween Hunt 4


Maths Week

Maths Week 


During Maths week we learned all about 2D Shapes. We learned about their properties and we looked for them in our everyday lives. We used tangrams to create different animal shapes, that was great fun. We also went on a 2D shape hunt around the school.

Tangrams Fun:


Tangrams 2

Tangrams 1

Tangrams 4

Tangrams 3

2D Shape Hunt:

2D Shape Hunt 1

2D Shape Hunt 2



We are Superheroes!

We made our first art collage of the year to decorate the hall outside our classroom. 

The children choose what superpowers they would like to have like laser eyes, invisibilty, flight, super strength...... It adds a lovely pop of colour to the white wall.


Name Art

Name Art

The children decorated their names and drew pictures that represent their likes and interests to be the first pieces of our in our Art Gallery.

Name Plates

Painting Fun

Painting Fun

We started off the year with some painting fun. We decided to use string to paint which was a grear novelty and source of fun for th children. They used their paintings as a cover for their Word Books which they will write down the spellings of unknown or tricky words in. 

String Paint 1

String Paint 4

String Paint 3

String Paint 2

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