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Fourth Class

October - All things Halloween

Third class have been busy this month decorating their classroom for Halloween by make toilet roll fireworks, paper plate spiders and toliet roll Halloween characters. Thanks to the children's artwork the classroom is ready and waiting for Halloween!

oct - fireworks


oct project 30


oct project 31


oct spiders


oct toilet rolls

oct toilet rolls 2

oct toilet rolls 3

oct toilet rolls 4



October - Feasts and Festivals Projects

Well done to all the children in 3rd class who worked extremely hard on their 'Feasts and Festivals' projects. They researched an array of feasts and festivals from the Tet Thrung Thu festival in Vietnam to Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico. The children enjoyed presenting their projects and teaching their peers some facts about their feast or festival. 6th and 2nd class were invited to see the projects and they were all very impressed. Well done again to all of 3rd class on their fantastic projects. 

oct project 1


oct project 2


oct project 3


oct project 4


oct project 5


oct project 6


oct project 7


oct project 8


oct project 9


oct project 10


oct project 11oct project 12


oct project 13


oct project 14


oct project 15


oct project 16


oct project 17


oct project 18


oct project 19oct project 20


oct project 21


oct project 22

oct project 23oct project 25


oct project 24


oct project 27


oct project 26


oct project 28


oct project 29

September - Making Butter

This month third class were learning all about farming in Geography. Some of the children in the class even gave first-hand accounts of life on a farm. As part of the lesson the children learned how to make some butter. All that was used was some double cream and a bottle. The cream was poured into the bottle and everyone in the class got to shake the bottle a good few times. Eventually the double cream turned to butter. No need to buy butter third class showed you can make your own!

sept - butter 1

September - All about Rocks

This month in Geography third class learned about rocks and soil. Thank you to all of the children who brought in their own interesting rocks for us to examine.

sept - rock


sept - rocks


sept - rocks 3


sept - rock 1


sept - rock 2


sept - rock 4 

September - Reaching for the Stars

Third class have started the year reaching for the stars. They decorated the classroom door with their colourful hand prints and targets for the coming year. The children are determined to work hard and achieve their goals this year.

sept reaching for the stars

March - Army Band Concert

On March the 10th third class were invited to Mullingar Arts Centre to an  Army Band Concert as part of the music project with Lorcan. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day out and some of the children even got to go on stage and conduct/play some of the instruments. 

mar 15 concert


mar 16 concert

Tyler conducting the Army Band 

mar 17 concert

Lucy on stage



March - Engineer's Week

As part of Engineer's Week 3rd class participated in a science project organised by Intel. The children were set the task of building a bridge in groups using straws, string and some other materials. Their bridges were then tested to see if they could hold a toy car. The children thoroughly enjoyed the project and created some fantastic bridges. A big thank you to Joanne and John who faciliated the Intel project. 

mar 1 intel


mar 2 intel


mar 3 intel


mar 4 intel


mar 5 intel


mar 6 intel




mar 7 intel


mar 8 intel


mar 9 intel

mar 10 intel


mar 11 intel


mar 12 intel


mar 13 intel


mar 14 intel

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