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Junior Infants

Welcome to Junior Infants , 2018.



Welcome to Junior Infants, 2018.

We are so proud to be the first Junior Infant class to begin their school career in this

wonderful new school.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We would like to wish all our families and school community a very happy and joy-filled


In our classroom we have been as busy as elves and the Big Man himself, with our own Santa's

Workshop and Christmas related activities.

IMG 1826

 IMG 1827

IMG 1828

IMG 1824

Active School- Active Junior Infant Class.

IMG 1829

IMG 1830

IMG 1831

IMG 1833

IMG 1835

100 Years of Voting In Ireland.

Today, December 14th, marks the celebration of 100 YEARS since the people of Ireland voted

in the 2018 elections and moved a step closer to having their own Parliament.

It was also a monumental day for Irish women who had suceeded in fighting for the right to vote just months earlier.

The Junior Infants took time out from busy class work to mark the day and hold their own voting as a tribute to all the great women and men from the past who gave their lives and liberty for our right to vote.











We have been so busy creating a classroom Post Office and Doctor's surgery.

IMG 1761


IMG 1762

IMG 1775

IMG 1763

IMG 1776

IMG 1777

IMG 1778

IMG 1781


We had the most amazing day on Sports Day, with a bouncy castle and obstacle coures.

We loved having our faces painted and the ice-cream was fantastic!

IMG 1674

IMG 1676

IMG 1681

IMG 1682

Our topic this month was Space.

We learned all about the planets and the solar system.

Wwe watched footage of the Apollo11 Moon landing in 1969.

It was so intetresting and we did lots of poetry and creative writing based on the topic.

IMG 1685

IMG 1691

IMG 1692

IMG 1693

Busy Bees in Spring 2018.

Term 2 has been such a busy and fun term.

We had great fun with tag games, the parachute and our school took

part in a 5k walk as part of Active School Week.

IMG 1540

IMG 1539

IMG 1560

IMG 1573

 We are currently exploring space in the Junior Room, with lots of fun tactile and

science based tasks and activities.

We  made rockets, planets and explored push and pull.

IMG 1579

IMG 1580

IMG 1590

IMG 1587

IMG 1584

IMG 1592

IMG 1530

IMG 1526

January 2018.

January was all about houses and homes and from our junk art and construction

houses and fieldtrip of the village ,we learned lots about houses nearby and in other parts of the world.

IMG 1454

IMG 1456

IMG 1435

 IMG 1436

IMG 1443

IMG 1461

We had Fire Dog visit us for our Phonics.

IMG 1450

And in Aistaer our topic was the House and we made a home corner!

IMG 1433

IMG 1432


Happy Christmas Everyone!!

December was a month of shapes, Stickman and we even has a visit from

Dale who showed us lots of cool bugs and read us his cool stories

about Harry the Hedgehog and Robby the Christmas Robin.

Thank you Dale.

On December 20th,we had a very special visit from THE MAN OF THE MONTH-SANTA.

Santa brought each and every child a wonderful wrapped gift-Thank you Santa and

all his brilliant helpers!!!!

IMG 1381

IMG 1382

IMG 1393

IMG 1397

IMG 1416

IMG 1417

IMG 1418

IMG 1420


IMG 1425

November 2017.

What a fun time we have had. We have been so busy creating and playing

in our Aistaer Post Office.






November was all about the Hedgehog and not only did we make Harry a lovely dry

nest to hibernate in,but we all made little hedgehogs for our Hedgehog Hotel.

Mrs. Prickles, an African Hedgehog, came to visit our classroom and we got to see,

feed and even hold her!!! Thank you so much Niamh and Pauline.






Happy Halloween!!!

We would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween.


We have been so busy getting ready for Halloween, enjoying witchy 

stories and poems.

Meg and Mog came back to visit our school and we decorated our

classroom and windows to celebrate.




We are all so excited and delighted to be in Junior Infants and at BIG school.

We have had a very busy month in Juniors as we settled into the school

routine. We had Tiger Ballons come to visit-Thank you Barbara.

We met Matman from our handwriting and went on great adventures

with Little Red Riding hood and The Gruffalo.

A big note of Thanks to Niamh and Se├ín for the HI-VIS vests as part of the RSA 

and ESB Road Safety Initiative.

IMG 1068






International Book Day, March 2nd.

The Junior Infant class had a wonderful day on World Book Day.

Each child took a favourite book to school and there was face painting and much fun had by all!!

feb 001


feb 003

Happy Halloween from all of us in the Junior Room.

cookie monster

The Cookie Monster has been eating all Mrs. Halligan's cookies and leaving a crumby mess.

Many thanks to Theresa for her fantastic artistic flair in creating our Cookie Monster!!


Arccookie monster1hive.

Happy Christmas from all in Junior Infants.

We have benn so happy and busy preparing for our Nativity, Christmas art and hurling skills with Christine.

Here are some photo's of us we'd like to share.










Another school year has begun and we  are so pleased to welcome the new Infant Class.

Here are some pictures of our first few weeks at BIG SCHOOL.













Our Archive.

Here we are at work and play during our final month in Junior Infants! We designed our own fish magnets and had great fun 'going fishing' with them! One of our topics was Under the Sea and we created lots of very colourful fish which really brightened up our classrooms. We also had great fun with Aaron playing soccer, station activities and parachute games!


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