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February Fun in Misneach

February was an exciting month in Misneach as we had some special visitors- some of our Grandparents. We had such a special time together. They visited our classroom, and we all did Circle Time together.


We got some new helmets, so now we can cycle our bikes and scooters outside when they weather is nice!

We changed our tuff tray from sand to coloured rice. It was so fun to play with!

We made some cute lovebugs for Valentines day.

And we learned all about People who work in our Community!


January in Misneach

We learned so many new things in Maths this month - all about 2D and 3D shapes!

We also used 2D shapes to make our art projects. Our pictures were inspired by Wassily Kadinsky.

In Science and Geography, we learned about hot and cold things, and about what types of clothes suit hot and cold weather.

We had great fun using some of our new gross motor resources, and we also loved played with the Aistear theme of the month - the shop!


Reasons to smile in November

We are having so much fun in our Sensory Room every day, teacher got us some new toys and our swing has been fixed outside too!

We have been exploring stickers and 'colour by numbers' in Art.

We have lots of new books in our library and we love our time there every morning.

And we are preparing for Christmas. We have an elf in our room and we have started decorating!


Misneach visit Santy!

The boys and girls were so excited to meet Santy in December. They visited him in his grotto in school and he gave them some presents. They sang some of their Christmas songs for him and he loved them!


The children in Misneach had lots of fun in December. They loved having their outdoor swing back, they made some beautiful Art for Christmas and read some nice Christmas stories. They invited their parents in to school on the last day for a Christmas celebration too!

Maths Week 2023 in Misneach

We celebrated Maths Week in Misneach with all things SHAPES!

We made some shape monsters for Art. The monsters bodies were made up lots of different 2D shapes.

For fine motor, we looked at all the 3D shapes that we have in our different games and activities such as our magnets, blocks, lego amd gears. We learned lots through play and had fun too!

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