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School Book Lists 2020/2021

FileDescriptionCreatorFile size
Download this file (1st Class 2020.pdf)1st Class 2020.pdf Mr. O'Neill-Forde156 Kb
Download this file (2nd Class 2020.pdf)2nd Class 2020.pdf Mr. O'Neill-Forde273 Kb
Download this file (3rd Class 2020.pdf)3rd Class 2020.pdf Mr. O'Neill-Forde313 Kb
Download this file (4th Class 2020.pdf)4th Class 2020.pdf Mr. O'Neill-Forde253 Kb
Download this file (5th Class 2020.pdf)5th Class 2020.pdf Mr. O'Neill-Forde307 Kb
Download this file (6th Class 2020.pdf)6th Class 2020.pdf Mr. O'Neill-Forde238 Kb
Download this file (Junior Infants 2020.pdf)Junior Infants 2020.pdf Mr. O'Neill-Forde275 Kb
Download this file (Senior Infants 2020.pdf)Senior Infants 2020.pdf Mr. O'Neill-Forde274 Kb


Dear Parents, The school booklists have been carefully chosen by the principal and staff to provide the best resources for learning for the pupils. Every effort is made to keep costs to a minimum. Book rentals have been introduced wherever possible. The basic booklists shown are comprehensively augmented by teachers using printed and online learning materials.

While there is some debate nationally about the use of workbooks, the school recognises that workbooks in core curriculum areas are colourful and attractive, easy to use and a good source of information for parents to refer to regarding their child’s progression in school.

In some areas of the curriculum, the school has moved towards using printed/photocopied materials and online content entirely instead of workbooks.

Reading for pleasure should be encouraged in the home and we encourage parents to provide a range of books at home for children to read.

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