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School Self-Evaluation Report

School Self Evaluation Report 2018

Please find attached the school self evaluation report for 2018 and the follow up WSE Report.


In 2016, our school engaged with a “Whole School Evaluation” .The Department of Education Inspectors had a detailed look at the work in our school under the “Management, Leadership and Learning” model of inspection. The inspectors spent time with each class and teacher and examined teachers’ notes, plans, records of work, assessment data and class teaching. They also examined pupils learning and their work. They also examined Board of Management records and minutes of meetings.

Following the preparation of the school report, the inspectors met with school staff, representatives of the Board of Management and Parents’ Association and provided a detailed evaluation of the work of the school. This is available to read online and on our school website.

As part of this model of inspection, a follow up visit was carried out by the inspector to evaluate the progress of the school in February 2018.

The follow –through report is attached.


Each May the children from 1st to 6th classes do a nationally standardised test in English and Maths. Data from these results are shared with the Department of Education.

A graphical representation of our school scores compared to National scores is presented below. The results show that our school is performing at a very high standard with less pupils in the lower range and more performing in the high range in both English and Maths.

A more in-depth analysis of the results will inform future planning and teaching in our school.

School Self Evaluation Priorities

An updated 3 year plan will be devised by staff and Board of Management and implemented

over the period 2018-2021. This will involve updating and improving many curricular and organisational plans and policies.

A new language curriculum will be progressed in English.

A new Maths curriculum will be introduced and developed through staff training and gradual implementation

Self-Evaluation Report

School Self-Evaluation Report

Summary Report to School Community

Evaluation period: Sept 2014 to June 2015

Report issue date:  June 2015

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