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School Self-Evaluation Report

Self-Evaluation Report

School Self-Evaluation Report

Summary Report to School Community

Evaluation period: Sept 2014 to June 2015

Report issue date:  June 2015

School Self-Evaluation Report

1. Introduction

$11.1  The focus of the evaluation

A school self-evaluation of teaching and learning in Kildalkey N.S. was undertaken during the period Sept 2014 to June 2015.During the evaluation, teaching and learning in the following curriculum areas were evaluated:

  • Literacy (Vocabulary))
  • Literacy (Oral Language)
  • Numeracy.

This is a report on the findings of the evaluation.

$11.2  School context

St. Dympna`s N.S. Kildalkey is a rural co-ed primary school under Catholic Patronage. The school is located over two campuses in the village of Kildalkey. There are nine class teachers and three in Learning support/resource. There are two Special needs assistants and a part time secretary and caretaker. Our school crest shows that we are committed to a partnership with church, home and school. Our Motto is “Tre neart le cheile”. Attendance levels are excellent and we comply with the requirements of NEWB regarding statutory reporting. Early warning procedures have also been put in place.

Our pupil behaviour is excellent and our code of discipline is made  available to all parents on the school website. No expulsions or suspensions have taken place in the last year.

Our dedicated school staff takes pride in providing the best opportunities to all our pupils.

Our school improvement plan outlines how we target improvement in pupil learning and the summary findings below indicate our progress in this years targets.

2. The findings


We collected information from parents ,pupils and teachers in preparing this report. We used data from our standardised tests, our termly tests and other tests as well as information from teacher notes and Checklists and questionnaires from parents and pupils.

The quality of practice in relation to aspects of teaching and learning in Literacy and Numeracy were examined in reference to the sub-themes below.

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Attainment of curriculum objectives
  • Learning environment
  • Pupils’ engagement in learning
  • Learning to learn
  • Preparation for teaching
  • Teaching approaches
  • Management of pupils
  • Assessment


3. Progress made on previously-identified improvement targets

 The following areas were prioritised for improvement:

  • Self Assessment for Learning. (SALF Folders implemented)
  • Review of Resources for teacher planning and notes. (New format devised and in use)

Oral Language. (Teacher resources copied and distributed. Discrete oral Language lessons used.)


Our overall identified target was that our standardised test results in Literacy and Numeracy would be equal to or better than the national norms over the 3 year period. Results show that this target has been achieved.


  • Our priority for this year within Literacy was to examine the pattern of attainment over a number of years in the vocabulary section of the Druncondra Tests.
  • A comprehensive survey of parents and pupils was conducted regarding oral language.
  • Our priority in Maths for this year was to continue previous work in the language of maths, to integrate maths teaching and learning with ICT and to identify and use a range of new resource materials.




4. Summary of school self-evaluation findings


4.1 Our school has strengths in the following areas:

  • Attainment in literacy and numeracy remains at a high standard and is ahead of the national norms for Irish Primary Schools..
  • A survey of parents and pupils regarding oral language showed high levels of satisfaction and attainment
  • A high level of ICT use for teaching and learning is evident.
  • High levels of  Literacy and numeracy evident in “Aistear” programme for infant classes.

The following areas are prioritised for improvement:

  • Literacy (Writing)
  • Review of Resources for “Aistear”
  • Oral Language
  • ICT Policy
  • E-learning Plan 

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