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Second Class - JT

Easter Cards

The children created lovely Easter Cards to bring home before the holidays

Easter Art

The children created lovely Easter Cards to bring home before the holidays

Learning about Area in Maths

The children used various diffferent objects to ascertain the surface area of their desks in class.

They had great fun using blocks, cards, plastic clips and lollipop sticks. Lots of patience and concentration for counting was needed!








St. Patricks Day


The children made an army of green funny faces for St. Patricks Day. 














Hearts and Art

The Children made Valentines hearts out of felt and designed their very own Valentines Day pieces of art. 







Looking After Duck Eggs


The children have kindly been given duck eggs to look after for a period of time. The children will learn to turn the eggs, look and read the temperature of the incubator and keep the eggs moist by spraying them three times a day. 



Team Building Games To Begin the New Year

The children really enjoyed playing games with hula hoops and bean bags this month in PE. They learned to work together as a team and best of all had lots of fun!







Learning To Use  Money in








Looking After Our Environment


The children made bird feeders to feed the birds throughout the winter months. The children also learned about Bird migration and where different species of birds migrate to and from during the seasons.






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