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Second Class

Happy Easter




The children made lovely candle holders which were Easter themed.




The children explored the topic of Area in Maths this month. They used various items to measure surface area.







The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Athletics over the last few weeks.



In Science this month, February, the children learned about feeding native birds in Ireland.

This has been invaluable due to bad weather recently and this ongoing Winter.They made bird feeders and brought them home at the end of the month.





In February, the children made colourful heart pictures to mark St. Valentines Day.





The children completed Science lessons on human teeth in January. They experimented with two teeth by placing one in coca cola and the other in orange cordial. The results were very interesting and frightening at the end of the first week!



The 1960's

The children had great fun researching and doing projects on the 1960's. The projects  covered topics such as music, fashion and historical events. They put a fantastic amount of work into their projects and should be very proud of themselves.





Happy Christmas from all in Mrs Treadwell's Second Class



As part of a Science Lesson this month, the children explored materials which were transparent and non-transparent.




Science Experiments

Science Week ran from 12th to 19th November. The children participated in science experiments in class. The children created a water wheel and investigated how energy and force can produce power.






The children also completed a science experiment where they tested how a degreaser such as washing up liquid can act with a fatty liquid, milk. The children added food colouring and watched as it swirled away from the cotton bud coated with soap.



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