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Second Class


 The children learned about the life of Painter Paul Cezanne and then drew and painted their own still life pictures. They turned out really well.




In Maths the children learned about Hundreds, Tens and Units. They made groups of one hundred using straws in batches of tens and it made understanding the concept a little easier!







In class, we were exploring the theme of being connected.  The children made beings from lollipop sticks and they put them on a poster.




Second Class looked at the history of the Bicycle this month and created a wonderful timeline listing the main advances in the bicycle from the past to the present.





In Science in December, the children planted runner bean seeds in cotton wool. Each group had a specific task of using various amounts of water to see which ones would germinate first.






The second class children made a special project when the soliders came to present the Irish Flag and Proclamation to the school on Tuesday 8th December.  A special thank you to Daniel Heverin for making the Nelsons Pillar and Cian Prior who made O' Connell Bridge for the project.  A number of children played the tin whistle for the ceremony and did a fantastic job. All of the children played a huge part in this day and well done all for all the hard work put in.








As part of Science Week, the children experimented with various colours and paper to ascertain what colours stood out better on what paper.




The children completed Marble Ink pictures this month. They were amazed that each one had their own unique design.








Second Class Preparation for Holy Communion

We would like to give our heart felt thanks to Pauline Cogavin who recently visited the Vatican in Rome and brought every child in second class back a set of beautiful rosary beads. The children were so excited to receive them and were absolutely delighted with them. Thanks again to Pauline.



Halloween Fun

The children's costumes were fantastic in the run up to

Mid Term Break.


As part of Science this month, the children collected apple seeds and then planted them in class. There is a race to see whose seeds germinate first!



Halloween Themed Art

The children made Scarecrows from lollipop sticks in Art. They turned out really well and each had their own unique design.



Welcome to Second Class September 2015


For Science this month the children examined and identified native Irish Trees.

Also as part of Science, the children explored that we are all different, in terms of height and features. In groups, the class worked on different parts and they were all put together at the end to make a special display "We are Different, So are You"




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