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What to do if I have concerns about my child

If you have concerns about your child’s learning your first port of call is your child’s class teacher. You can discuss your concerns with them and additional assessments can be carried out, following a period of close observations by the class teacher or the SEN team as necessary.

Depending on the outcome of these assessments, if intervention is required the Continuum of Support will be introduced (see diagram below). There are three stages on this Continuum;

$1Ø  Stage 1- Your child is given additional support as identified within the classroom by the class teacher.

$1Ø  Stage2 -If after an agreed period, your child is still experiencing difficulties and not having made sufficient progress, the SEN team become involved. Additional support/interventions will then be put in place.

$1Ø  Stage 3- At times, a child may need the involvement of additional, external agencies such as a Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist, etc. Assessments and reports from these bodies will form the basis of additional teaching and learning.





 Continuum of Support Image

Please follow the link for information regarding the Special Needs Assistant Scheme (SNA access)

Special Needs Assistant (SNA) Scheme - Information for Parents/Guardians of Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs (

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