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Worklist for 27th April- May 1st 2020

Dear Parents and Children,

I hope you and all your family are keeping safe and well.Well done to everyone who participated in our new online learning platform, Seesaw has been a huge success so far. The work the children have uploaded has been excellent and it is great to have contact with the children and to see the great work that has been done at home. As usual, I will upload a general weekly worklist here, I go into greater detail in the children’s activity journal on Seesaw, with more opportunity for interactive activities. Our integrated learning plan this week is The President, a list of actvities are at the end of this article.

I have purposely omitted Irish this week as the chapter was based on school tours and I thought it was best not to open that can of worms but the below game can be played at home.

Thank you for your continued support .

Kind Regards,


Monday 27th of April


Our News

Write 3-5 sentences all about last week. What did you enjoy doing? What did you play? Draw a picture to match.


Core Reader 4

Let’s Eat Outside

Available on folensonline. Enter starlight senior infants in the search at the top of the page. From there click resources, then component, then core reader 4.

Read this book for a few minutes every day.


Number 10

Can you draw 1 cat, 2 dogs, 3 tigers, 4zebras, 5 giraffes, 6, birds, 7 hippos, 8 snakes, 9 monkeys and 10 fish.



Folens Explorers

Senior Infants

09 Materials

“What were clothes like in the olden days?”

Click the numbered buttons. Answer questions about clothes in the picture

SESE week 5

Tuesday 28th of April



Skills Book Workbook Page 53

“Want, Our”

skills book


Number 10

Addition to 10

Get ten pieces of lego/ lolly sticks etc.

How many different ways can we make 10

9+1=10 etc


Grow in Love: You can access this with the details below. use the following login details 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Password: growinlove

Theme 8-The Church

Lesson 1-A Place to Gather

Watch the video “A House of Prayer”

Ask questions, such as, Why did Solomon want to build the house of prayer?

Why did he want it decorated with beautiful things.


Draw a picture of King Solomon's  house of prayer.The picture below gives you an idea of what to draw.



Wednesday 29th of April



Write the sentences correctly

See picture below.




Number 10

Can you draw a numberline to 10 outside using chalk? Practice hopping on the numberline to do some sums.

Eg. Start on 6, go on 1 more.


Geography- Countries around the world.

Folens Explorers

09 Materials

Clothes Around the World Story

Label the clothes and answer the questions.


Thursday 30th of April






Page 54




Number 10


Addition to 10


Make up addition sums to 10.




Our Parish


Chat together about the local church, and draw a picture of it. Together fill in the name of the parish that they live in and the name of the priest in the parish


Friday 1st of May






Magic e


Sounds Like Phonics Book page 77




Number 10


Number 10 art


Can you paint/draw a number 10 picture?






Dabbledoomusic is an excellent music online resource. They have now made their content free during the school closures. All you need to do is log in here . Try some of their lessons.


Additional Activities:

Revision of the Hail Mary

Spellings Week 20 dog, fog, bog, jog, rob, job, sob, bob

Sight words- Revise April’s list, new words coming next week! Code IRLTWINKLHELPS,lots of additional resources here for every subject.

Cúla4 ar Scoil 10am every morning, this programme covers elements of the curriculum with different themes each week.

RTE Home School Hub 11am every morning to support school children and their parents at home.

P.E. Try a GoNoodle/Joe Wicks workout each day.

Outside- Can you see signs of Spring? Have a teddy bear picnic, make an obstacle course

Inside- Do a jigsaw, play with lego/playdough, sing your favourite song.

Household- Help at home! Clean your room, help with recycling, put away the shopping, make your bed.










 This week our integrated learning them is People at Work and The President of Ireland

Here is a choice of activities you can do at home!

Draw a picture of Our President Michael D Higgins.

Can you write a sentence about him underneath?

Write 3-5 sentences about what ayou think a president does, read your sentences aloud to someone at home.

Draw a picture of the things you would do if you were president.

Can you label the picture.

Use lego/blocks/recyclable materials to build your Ára an Uachtaráin where the president lives.

Animal Art.

The President has two dogs, Bród and Síoda! Can you paint a picture of your pets or your favourite animals. Email me your picture.

Dress Up Challenge

Can you dress up like Michael D Higgins? What could you wear?

Glasses? A Tie? Even a suit!

Use playdough to make things you think a president could use.

Laptop, telephone, pen, paper, glasses etc.

Role Play

Can you take on the role of a president?

How can you help people? Who would you call/email? What will you wear?

President P.E.

Michael D Higgins is our 9th President.

Can you do 9 jumping jacks, star jumps, skips, hops and tumbles.

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