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11th-15th May

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Please find attached the list of work for this coming week.Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact.


Kind Regards, 



This week our integrated learning theme is Nature

Here is a choice of activities you can do at home!

Paint using a leaf brush!

Can you make a paintbrush using string leaves and a stick? Use it to paint a fun nature picture.

Write 3-5 sentences about what you love about being outside! (Riding a bike, seeing the sun shine, listening to birds, playing games etc.)Read your sentences aloud to someone.

Recyclable Materials.

Can you make a bird feeder using recyclable materials for the little birds in your garden?

Email a picture of your work.

Make a nature pattern challenge?

Can you use leaves, flowers, stones etc to make a nature pattern? What colours will you use? What shapes can you make?

Leaf Rubbings Art.

Remember we did leaf rubbings with Autumn leaves? Can you find some lovely leaves on a walk/ in your garden and make a leaf rubbing picture.

Go on a nature hunt!

Can you find a purple flower, a round stone, a yellow leaf, a dandelion, a spider’s web and a wiggly worm

Use playdough to make nature prints.

Gather different flowers, leaves, stones etc. Press one of your items into rolled out playdough. Did it leave a print? Which is your favourite?

Nature Explorer Role Play

Imagine you are a nature explorer, time to set off and discover new plants, animals and insects! What will you take with you? What will you wear?

Tree Bark Rubbings.

Take a crayon and pencil with you on your next walk. Can you make rubbings of your favourite tree.

Tricky Word at Home Practice.

Round, bring, write, soon, drink, black, open, going, white, warm, our, has.

$11.     Can you make up/write a sentence for each word?

$12.    Can you make the word using playdough.

$13.    Can you write the words using rainbow colours?

$14.    Can you find the tricky words in a reading book?

$15.    Can you make the tricky words using arts and crafts materials?

Monday 11th May


Our News

Write 3-5 sentences about your favourite game. Draw a picture to match.

Oral Language

Available on folensonline. Enter starlight senior infants in the search at the top of the page. From there click resources, then oral language poster, The Fairground.

See lesson plan below.


Digital poster (Story mode) LO 1


Play either the Story mode 1 (starters) or Story mode 2 (flyers) for your child.




Digital poster (Explore mode): Talk and discussion LO 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 14


Go to the Explore mode of the poster. Play the fairground music for the class:


Listen to the music! Where are we? (At the fairground/funfair) Ask children the following questions:


$1·         What is a funfair? (A large outdoor area where there are lots of exciting rides, games and activities for us to do. It comes at certain times of the year, and then it moves on to another place)


$1·         What small words can you can hear in the word ‘funfair’? (Fun, fair)


$1·         When do we have fun? (When we do something that we enjoy) What kinds of things do you like to do for fun?


$1·         What sorts of fun could we have at a funfair? (Go on thrilling rides, play interesting games, win amazing prizes, do lots of exciting activities, eat sweet treats)


$1·         We call all the things that we can do at a Funfair attractions.


Zoom in/focus on the merry-go-round.


$1·         What is this ride/attraction called? (Merry-go-round) Why do you think it is called that? (Elicit answers focusing on the terms merry and round).


$1·         How do you think you would feel on a merry-go-round? (Merry/happy)


$1·         Do you know any other times when we use the word ‘Merry’? (Christmas). Why?


$1·         When you are riding on a merry-go-round what are you sitting on? (Wooden or plastic animal/vehicle)


$1·         How is the ride moving? (Bobbing up and down; spinning round and round)


$1·         How do you stay on? (Hold on tight to a pole as you go up and down and round and round)


$1·         How do you think the children on the merry-go-round are feeling? (Thrilled, delighted, exhilarated)


$1·         Another name for a merry-go-round is a carousel. Have you ever been on a merry-go-round? Tell us about it!


Next, zoom in/focus on the tea cups.


$1·         Do you know what this ride is called? (Tea cup ride) Why? (Because you sit in a giant tea cup on a saucer). This ride spins around as it moves.


$1·         Would you like to go on this ride? Why?


Zoom in on the chair-o-plane ride.


$1·         This ride is called a chair-o-plane ride. Why do you think it is called that? How is this ride the same as/different from the merry-go-round? (Goes round, high in the air, very fast)


$1·         Would you like to go on this ride? Why? How do you think you would feel if you were on this ride? (Nervous, worried, scared, exhilarated, thrilled)


$1·         I see another ride that goes round but this one moves very slowly. Which image is it? (The big wheel on the bottom of the poster with passenger cabins on it)


$1·         This is called a big wheel or a Ferris wheel. What do you think you would see if you were on this ride?


$1·         Can you see anything on the poster that is not a ride? (The target booth where you try to knock down a target and if you do you win a prize).


Categorical terms: e.g. vehicle


Nouns:Use the spotlight tool to focus on different items as they are named. Use the pen tool to categorise the various items after they have been named, e.g. circle … funfair; attractions; rides; games; booth; prize)


Verbs:e.g. swing, turn, spin


Adjectives: e.g. thrilling; exhilarating; exciting


 What happened? LO 2, 13


Show the  video of what happened to Agnes at the target booth in the movie Despicable Me!


Have your child report what happened to Agnes at the target booth. 



Week 22

















Name 3 light/heavy animals. ‡ Name 3 light/heavy types of fruit. ‡ Name 3 light/heavy vegetables. ‡ Name an animal which is lighter/much lighter than a dog. ‡ Name an animal which is heavier/much heavier than a dog. ‡ Name 2 heavy things in this classroom. ‡ Name 2 light things in your house. ‡ Name something heavier/lighter/about the same as this book. ‡ Which is heavier a golf ball or a tennis ball? ‡ Are heavy things always big? ‡ Can you name an object that is small and heavy and an object that is big and light? ‡ How can we discover the correct weight of an object?


Explorers Senior Infants



 Éanna Ní Lamhna: Story

Listen to Éanna describing her work.

Discuss questions you would ask Éanna.

Children record questions that they would ask Éanna Ní Lamhna.



Tuesday 12th May 




Reading “A Ride at the Funfair”


Available on folensonline. Enter starlight senior infants in the search at the top of the page. From there click resources Core Reader 4


Listen to the story and play the sight word activity.


Complete page 57 from the Starlight Activity book.





Provide plenty of opportunities for your child to have experience comparing the mass of various items using concrete materials. Place a variety of items of differing weight and mass on a table and choose 2 items to form a comparison through handling. The range of objects should include small/large/heavy items (such as stones and hard back books) and small/large/light objects (such as an empty box, a large sponge or plastic drink bottle). Encourage your child to estimate which objects are heavy/light and to use the appropriate vocabulary: ‡ The pencil is light and the book is heavy ‡ The pencil is lighter than the book ‡ The book is heavier than the pencil The children may record their findings pictorially under the headings ‘heavy’ and ‘light’.







Listen to the song “What Makes a Good Friend


Reflect on how you can be a good friend.

Make a video or recording of yourself, telling me how you can be a good friend.



Wednesday 12th May 



Practice writing sight words.

 sight words



Seesaw activity





Explorers Senior Infants



Discuss: Where can we find soil near our homes?

A Soil Environment: Explore

Watch the video.

What little animals might we find in the soil/flowerbeds near our homes?

Discuss the concept of ‘Leave No Trace’.

Draw two animals you hope to find.


Thursday 14th May 





Page 58 from the Activity Book




Seesaw activity



An Aimsir-Lá Fliuch

1 programme daily on TG4- cartoons etc. or using the CÚLA 4 app revise the topic An Aimsir. This app is free and I would highly recommend it for key vocabulary in a child friendly way.


Friday 15th May 








Write the correct word


Page 79







Seesaw activity




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Go to Senior Infants, Theme 9: Baptism


A Baby’s Baptism


Watch the Video on a baptism taking place, chat about the child’s own baptism and complete the information below.






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