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18th-22nd May

           For the next week our Integrated learning theme is Jungle!

Here is a choice of activities you could do at home!

Jungle Pattern Challenge!

Lots of jungle animals/ insects have pretty patterns! Can you describe them? Can you draw them?

Write 3-5 sentences about your favourite Jungle Animal! Maybe you love a slithery snake, a cheeky monkey or a playful hippo!

Jungle Dance!

Can you make up your own jungle dance? Slither like a snake, jump like a monkey and fly like a parrot etc.!

Jungle Animal Word Hunt;

Can an adult write ten different jungle animal names on paper and hide them inside/ outside? Can you find and write them all?

Jungle Painting;

Get your bright and colourful paints out to paint a Jungle scene! How many jungle animals can you squeeze in? Who will live in the trees, in the water and up in sky!

Jungle Who Am I;

Solve the riddle, draw a picture of the mystery animal and send it to your teacher! I have no arms but can climb up trees. I have no feet but can move through the grass!’

Use playdough to make Jungle Animals!

Can you make a stripy zebra? A giraffe with a very long neck? Can you make a colourful parrot or even a crocodile with very sharp teeth!

Jungle Explorer Role Play;

Imagine you are a Jungle explorer, get your binoculars and your compass and get exploring! Be careful where you stand, who knows what Jungle animals are nearby!

Recyclable materials; Can you use recyclable materials to make a jungle animal? Maybe an elephant with a toilet roll nose? Or lolly pop sticks to make a zig-zag snake?


Monday 18th May


Reading - Children should read for a few minutes every day.


These websites have excellent ebooks:


  Click Teacher Login, Enter username: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Password:Parents20! or download the borrowbox app – Meath library details can be used to login to gain access to thousands of books and audiobooks

Our News

Write 3-5 sentences about your favourite TV programme. Draw a picture to match.


Week 23












Money game online.

Coin Rubbings

Can you put a coin under a piece of paer and lightly colour over it with a pencil or crayon- what happens? Try it with 1c,2c,5c,10c,20c




Folensonline-Explorers Senior Infants






Éanna Ní Lamhna: Q&A


Listen to Éanna answer the children’s questions.


‘Go outside and notice the real world around you.’Éanna Ní Lamhna.


Design a poster with this quote to encourage others to explore their environment.



Tuesday 19th May


Reading “A Ride at the Funfair”

Available on folensonline. Enter starlight senior infants in the search at the top of the page. From there click resources Core Reader 4

Read the story, complete page 59 from the Starlight Activity book.



Money game online.

Money-Kitchen Shop

Can someone at home put prices on things in your kitchen (1c-10c)

What can you buy?Draw pictures of what you bought.






 Draw your friends on the “friend-ship” attached.

Colour the correct stars that finish the sentence.

Good friends are...... SPHE Week 8
Wednesday 20th May


Sa Teach

Listen to the audio on the theme “The House” and practice pronouncing the words in Irish



Seesaw activity

Money-Different Ways

How many different ways can you make different amounts(up to 10c)

Eg. 5c+2c+2c+1c

*Children can tend to use 3c 4c here so show them the available coins





Folensonline-Explorers Senior Infants 






Discuss: Where can we find soil near our homes?


 A Soil Environment: Explore


Watch the video.


What little animals might we find in the soil/flowerbeds near our homes?


Discuss the concept of ‘Leave No Trace’.

Draw two animals you hope to find.

Soil week 8



Thursday 21st May



Page 60 from the Activity Book.

Write an interesting fact about each of the funfair rides.



Seesaw activity


Put different  coins (a few 1cs, 2cs, 5cs) in a hat. Close your eyes and pick out two coins. Can you add them?

How many different sums can you make?


Folensonline-Explorers Senior Infants



The Life Cycle of a Frog: Story

Watch the video showing the life cycle of a frog. Discuss.

The Life Cycle of a Frog p. 51 and printable

Cut and sequence the stages in the life cycle of the frog.

Draw a frog. Label the parts.


Frog template

Friday 22nd May



Seesaw activity 

Magic e words

Colour the correct word page 80




Seesaw activity

Colour by Number

Get a 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c and 20c coin and a white piece of paper.

Use a pencil to draw around the coins.

Colour 1cs-green, 2cs-red, 5cs-purple,10c blue and 20c orange.




Log in to Grow in Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Password: growinlove.

Go to Senior Infants, Theme 9: Lesson 2 “John Baptises the Baby”

Watch the video called “John the Baptist”

Draw the people who came to John to be baptised, and colour the picture.

religion week 8

Additional Activities:

Sight words- May’s List Code IRLTWINKLHELPS,lots of additional resources here for every subject.

Cúla4 ar Scoil 10am every morning, this programme covers elements of the curriculum with different themes each week.

RTE Home School Hub 11am every morning to support school children and their parents at home.

P.E. Try a GoNoodle/Joe Wicks workout each day.

Outside- Can you see signs of Spring? Have a teddy bear picnic, make an obstacle course

Inside- Do a jigsaw, play with lego/playdough, sing your favourite song.







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