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25th-28th May

Dear Parents and Students,
I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Thanks again to everyone on the work uploaded. Please find attached the list of work for this coming week.I know it may be hard to keep the children motivated at this stage so please enjoy the long weekend and take a well deserved break from home-schooling. You are doing an amazing job!
If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me via my email or on Seesaw.
Again, I would like to remind parents that it is important to go with your own child's pace of learning. Do not feel under pressure to have all the work complete each week.
Also, a reminder of useful websites Folens, Twinkl and Grow in Love. Login and registration details here:
Folens: Prim20(roll number)
Grow in Love: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Password: growinlove
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kind regards,

Ms Judge.

For the next week our Integrated learning theme is Weather!
Here is a choice of activities you could do at home!



Use percussion instruments to make the sound of the different weather conditions. Encourage the children to think about which instrument would be best for each type of weather and how they should be played.


In a water tray, provide some blue-coloured water, along with a selection of equipment to make ‘rain’ – for example, sieves, watering cans and pipettes.

Provide a selection of jugs etc.


Encourage children to explore materials to create a waterproof coat for a teddy bear. Place a small teddy bear in a tray underneath a selection of different materials. Discuss which materials will be best at keeping the teddy dry, as they sprinkle water over the top of the material using a watering can.


Encourage children to draw a picture of themselves during each type of weather and then write about what they like to do in the sun, rain, snow, etc.


Pretend you are the weather man/woman and act out the forecast for your family!

Weather Riddle!What am I?

This is something you see
When outside there’s a storm
It comes down from the clouds
And appears in droplet form

Use playdough to make Weather Symbols!

Can you make a rainbow?A cloud? Can you make a thunder and lightening?  


Draw pictures of your favourite type of weather.


Using recyclable materials, try make a rain gauge.


Tricky Word at Home Practice.


Round, bring, write, soon, drink, black, open, going, white, warm, our, has.


$11.     Can you make up/write a sentence for each word?


$12.    Can you make the word using playdough.


$13.    Can you write the words using rainbow colours?


$14.    Can you find the tricky words in a reading book?


$15.    Can you make the tricky words using arts and crafts materials?


Additional Activities:

Sight words- May’s List Code IRLTWINKLHELPS,lots of additional resources here for every subject.

Cúla4 ar Scoil 10am every morning, this programme covers elements of the curriculum with different themes each week.

RTE Home School Hub 11am every morning to support school children and their parents at home.

P.E. Try a GoNoodle/Joe Wicks workout each day.

Outside- Can you see signs of Summer? Have a teddy bear picnic, make an obstacle course

Inside- Do a jigsaw, play with lego/playdough, sing your favourite song.

Household- Help at home! Clean your room, help with recycling, put away the shopping, make your bed.





 Monday 25th May


Write a letter;

Write a letter or draw a picture and send it to someone you love and miss! Listen to the story ‘Guess How Much I Love You’.


Revision of week 20-23


3D Shapes

Seesaw activity-Intro to 3D shapes

3D Shape Hunt;

Can you find different objects inside and outside that are the same shape as a;

Cube, cylinder, sphere, cuboid.

Make a list/ Draw pictures of theitems you find!


Listen and respond to the song “I’m a handwasher”

Tuesday 26th May


Reading “A Ride at the Funfair”

Read the instructions and complete the picture below.

week 9english sheet


3D Shapes

3D Shape-roll or stack?

In your house find some 3D shapes (cube-dice, sphere-ball, cylinder-tin, cuboid juice box etc).

Now test; Can it roll? Can it stack? Can it do both?


“Creatures with a lot of legs”

Doodle with Mo Willems

Skip to 17mins to get the guided instructions on how to draw the creature.

Wednesday 27th May



Revision of tricky letter “k”

See worksheet attached.

Handwriting k


Handwriting week 9


3D Shapes

Sorting 3D shapes

Seesaw activity


Choose an emoji and create a short story based on the emoji’s emotion.

Record yourself telling the story or draw pictures to depict what is happening.

Don’t forget a story must have a beginning, middle and an end.

Thursday 28th May



Magic e

Complete page 81 from Sounds like Phonics workbook B


3D Shapes


Discuss the important properties of each of the 4 basic shapes. Introduce terminology such as ‘face’, ‘edge’, ‘corner’, ‘straight’, ‘curved’, ‘round’ and ‘flat’. Invite the children to sort the shapes on the basis of various criteria. For example: ‡ Varying shapes of the same colour ‡ Varying shapes of different colours ‡ Shapes with 1/3/6 faces. ‡ Shapes with 2/12/no edges. ‡ Shapes with straight/curved sides Shapes that can/cannot roll.


20 minutes exercise challenge on Seesaw.

Alternatively you can do a Joe Wick’s workout

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