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Senior Infants

April- Forces

Yesterday, we were learning about forces in Science. We each had a car to examine the different way we can push and pull it. As a class we brainstormed other forces that we use throughout the day.forces 2

forces 3


Science Experiment

Yesterday in class we made slime using baking powder, saline solution, PVA glue and food colouring. We had great fun and we got to bring some home.



This month the topic in Aistear is "People at Work".

We enjoyed working on a construction site, at the bakery,the doctors, the supermarket and at the Post Office.

aistear 1

aistear 2aistear 2

aistear 3

aistear 4





The sixth class have been working with the Senior Infants from Miss Judge's class recently.


They have been showing them how to use Beebots, both the actual bots and, once they were familiar with the bots, then the app on the iPads.


The Senior Infants were very quick to learn how to code the Beebots to draw out figures, get through mazes, do addition and subtraction sums among other activities!


Well done to all the Senior Infants on their terrific coding and well done to the sixth class on their teaching skills!


We look forward to seeing the Senior Infants use their coding skiils in the future!!

Commotion in the Ocean

Last week we worked on the story "Commotion in the Ocean" and made all sorts of fish to compliment the story.ocean

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