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Senior Infants

Silly Season.

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2018 from all in Senior Infants.Xmas

November-Making a Rain Cloud

Today in Science we made shaving foam rain clouds.

First, we filled small bowls with water, then we added different food colouring to each bowl.Secondly, we filled a large glass up 2/3 full of water. Next, we squirted a generous amount of shaving foam on top of the water to create a "cloud".Finally, we dropped small amounts of coloured water onto the "cloud" using a pipette. We watched as the rain dropped from the cloud into the jar.

sci 1sci 2

sci 3

sci 4




Today we dressed up for Hallowe'en, there was great excitement and we really enjoyed our day.

halloween pic

A big thank you to Theresa who took the time to carve a pumpkin for our classroom.


12.10.2017 "Mrs Prickles"

This week we are learning all about hedgehogs and we were lucky to have a visitor from Mrs. Prickles.We had great fun petting her and watching her eating her worms. She was very tiny so we had to be very quiet.

.20171011 114359

20171011 114523



Today we had a special guest from the Road Safety Authority teaching us the rules of the road in order to stay safe. Sarah told us the importance of wearing our seatbelts correctly and sitting in our booster seats.rsa

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