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Mini Scientist Fair 2018

Well done to all who took part in the Mini Scientist competition this year.

The standard was simply extraordinary, with some outstanding projects on display.

When it all boiled down to it, there were three runners up with Blessing, Ava and Amy, and Lucy and Ava-Marie all being rewarded for their supreme efforts with runners up prizes.

Overall the top spot went to Shannon, Anna, Meadhbh and Ellen for their work on blood spatter - Does Spatter Matter? This in itself is a phenomenal achievement for this is the second year in a row for these girls to win it and the third for Ellen and Shannon.

Well done to all who participated and thanks to all those who came along.

MiniSc18 1

MiniSc18 2

MiniSc18 3

MiniSc18 4

MiniSc18 5

MiniSc18 6

MiniSc18 7

MiniSc18 8

MiniSc18 9


MiniSc18 10



MiniSc18 11

MiniSc18 12

MiniSc18 13

MiniSc18 14

Here is a video of Ava and Amy's tornado!


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