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Sixth Class

Fancy Dress Fun!

Fourth Class had great fun on Friday, 28th October.

As part of the Hallowe'en fun, all the class dressed up in fancy dress.

We had many types of costumes. Clearly a lot of students and parents were up early on Friday morning preparing!

Fancy Dress

Well Done Ryan!

Well done to Ryan from fourth class!

Ryan came third in the Hallowe'en draw. For his prize he won.....

Polly the witch!

(So named by Angie!)

Halloween Winner

Congratulations to Ryan!

Tree Silhouettes

Well done to the fourth class who created some beautiful tree slihouettes for Hallowe'en.

Creating a beautiful backdrop with light colours, they then painted a silhouette using dark paint.

H Pics 1 H Pics 2H Pics 3Don't the silhouettes look great!

Fourth Class Hallowe'en Art

The fourth class have been experimenting recently with positive and negative spacing in Art.

With that and Hallowe'en in mind, they created some excellent Hallowe'en pumpkins, using that technique. Don't the results look great!



Well done to the artists in fourth class!

Famous Requests!

Two boys in fourth class recently brought in a written request from an Olympic rower recently.


Aaron and James in fourth class arrived in with two notes written by silver medalist Gary O'Donovan simply stating - 'No homework I'd say'!!


The two boys got some of their request granted of course!

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