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Sixth Class

Intel Mini Scientist Competition

As the class is gearing up for the Intel Mini Scientist competition next week, we had a visit from Philip who works in Intel.

Philip showed us what was involved with preparing our experiments for the competition, what Intel does and how we should go about displaying our projects!

He then showed us what they wear in Intel and Ciarán got to wear the gear!


Lucky Ciarán!

Thanks again to Philip who brought in some great prizes for the class as well! We're looking forward to the judging of the Mini Scientist competition on Wednesday, 25th November.

Science Fair

The fourth class today took part in a Science Fair in School Two as part of Science Week.

They looked at many different experiments such as balancing over our centre of gravity, rainbow spinners, dancing raisins, why oil and water won't mix, how much air our lungs can hold, mirror writing, the reaction of water mixing with surface area, building simple circuits etc.

Great fun was had with the experiments and the students learned a lot about science in the meantime!











Jack of Lanterns

Look at all the Jack of Lanterns the fourth class created.

Using positive and negative spacing, the class made some beautiful thematic art pieces!

Don't they look great!!



Competition Winners

Thank you to all those who contributed to the Hallowe'en raffle.

We had some great prizes on display for all those who contributed.

Stephen from Fourth Class won the big prize of the Hallowe'en Decoration!


 Oliver Dunne and Lauren Corkery both won hampers, Lily Hayden won an Eddie Rocket Voucher and Susan Savage won one hundred euros in cash.

Thanks to all who contributed!!

Great Fancy Dress Fun!

The fourth class had great fun in dressing up for Hallowe'en!

All 30 students put great efforts into their costumes and they looked great/very scary!!

Well done to all the students and their parents!!!


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