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Third Class

October- Bread Experiment

In SESE 3rd class were learning about food. We wanted to find out if washing your hands would prevent the spread of germs. In groups a slice of bread was passed around and placed in a plastic bag. This was done again, after hand sanitizer was used by each person in the group. The control was untouched. They were left for 1 week to see which slice of bread would grow the most mould. The results speak for themselves: WASH YOUR HANDS! 

20171020 154348 

20171020 154421

October- Happy Halloween

Pupils created these scary hanging spiders for Halloween 20171026 154125

October- Leaf Rubbing Wreaths

20171009 173533

October- Mass with Father Mark

3rd class welcomed Father Mark into the class for a very special mass which took place in the classroom. Many thanks to Father Mark for taking the time to involve us in such a special ocassion. DSCF2352

September- DEAR Time

DEAR Time: 5th class have been busy helping 3rd class with their reading during DEAR time. The pupils in 5th listen to pupils read, help them with tricky words and quiz them about the books they are reading. 


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