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Third Class

Butterfly Prints

15th February -  Butterfly Prints

This week the children explored printing in art. We made some beautiful butterfly prints.

BP 1

BP 2

BP 3

BP 4

BP 5


Junk Art - Kildalkey Village

22nd January - Junk Art - Kildalkey Village

The children have been exploring their community as part of our Our Environment theme.

We looked at 3D Shapes as part of our Maths Trail last week. We then sgtarted to recreate different buildings from the village using recycled materials. Here are the results:

Kildalkey 1

'Hair We Go'

Kildalkey 2

School 1

Kildalkey 6


Kildalkey  3

House on main street

Kildalkey  4

Parochial House

Kildalkey  5

School 2

Kildalkey  7

Gala Shop

Kildalkey  8




Beings - 15th January

This week in Religion we looked at how everybody is unique and all created differently.

We read the story of the Little Being and the children made their own beings as they imagined it from the story.

Here they are below:

Beings 1

Beings 2

Beings 3

Beings 4


Christmas Art

10th December - Christmas Art

The children have been creating some Christmas snowflakes to decorate our classroom

Snowflake 1

Snowflake 3

Snowflake 2

Watching Animals

20th November - Watching Animals


This week we have been looking at animals. They have been studying animals in their habitats and working animals. We were looking at the great work the Dublin Zoo team have done recreating the habitats of the animals in their care.

We were watching the Animal Cams and saw the penguins and giraffe.

To take a look click on the links below, it's best to view the animals at feeding times!


Elephants can usually be seen daily around 10.30am and 12.30pm

African Savannah - Giraffe/Zebra:


 The wolves feed usually takes place Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the morning time


The penguin feeding time is 2.30pm

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