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Second Class

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

We created an advent calendar for our classroom. Each day we look at the back of the number to see what treat is in store for that day. On Tuesday we completed a Christmas art tutorial. we drew the Grinch!

Advent Calendar


Grinch 1

Grinch 4

Grinch 2

Grinch 3

Snow Globes

Snow Globes

This week we were experimenting with different materials in Art. We used chalk on black card to create a show globe. 

Snow Globe 1

Snow Globe 3

Snow Globe 2


Maths - Symmetry

 We have been learning about Symmetry this week in  Maths. We have looked at how Symmetry can be found in Nature and its use in design by architects and interior designers. We created these beautiful symmetrical paintings of butterflies on Friday.

Symmetry Art

Late Late Toy Show

Late Late Toy Show!!!!

We learned about the History of the Toy show this week. We designed jumpers for the host Ryan Tubridy. He looks very happy with our jumpers!

Late Late Toy Show

World Religions - Diwali

As part of our religion tnhis year we are looking at World Religions. We learned about Diwali - the festival of light by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and Newar Buddhists.

The children were fascinated at this celebration and how the celebration of light compares to our religion. We created this colourful rangoli design for our hall display.


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