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Second Class - NT

David Walliams Webinar

David Walliams Webinar

This morning the children took part in a webinar with the children's author David Walliams. They learned lots of new things about David and even met his pet dog Ernie. He gave them advice on how to be a writer and even read some extracts from his books - Gangsta Granny and World's Worst Children 2.

WebinarDavid Books

Colourful Rain Art

April Showers ring May Flowers.

We decided to make an alternative rain picture by using vibrant colourful designing contrasting a black background.

Colourful Rain Art

Pineapple Prints

This week we have been learning about food from around the world and healthy foods. 

We created these pineapple prints using our fingers.

Pineapple Prints

Maths Trail

Maths Trail

This week in Maths we were looking at the topic of length. We went on a Maths trail armed with our metre long measuring strips and measured everything we could around the school (the gates were closed when we were in the carpark).

Maths trail 1

Maths trail 3

Maths trail 4

Maths trail 5

Maths trail 2

Picasso Rabbits

Picasso Rabbits

- The children studied the work of Picasso and we used this style to create our Easter art in the form of Picasso Rabbits!

Picasso Rabbit 1

Picasso Rabbit 3

Picasso Rabbit 4

Picasso Rabbit 5

Picasso Rabbit 2

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