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Fourth Class

Fun in 4th Class!!

Fourth Class had fun this month, learning some great dances to An Dreoilín!

Take a look!


November 2020

November has been one busy month for 4th class! They returned to school at the beginning of the month feeling well rested and ready to work- and boy have they worked hard! 


Over the month of November, the students have produced some terrific artwork.  At the beginning of the month, the students imitated patterns and produced some fine pieces.  The students also studied the artist 'Pablo Picasso'.  They recreated one of his most famous pieces from the 'Cubism' era of art.

IMG 20201117 164726

IMG 20201117 164703 1

4th class also had the opportunity to learn some tag rugby this month with their rugby coach from Leinster Rugby.  They have thoroughly enjoyed learning this new sport and have taken to it very well! 


IMG 20201125 143231

IMG 20201125 143643

IMG 20201202 114430


Over the month of November, the students spent some time remembering loved ones that have passed.  At the end of the month, the students held a prayer service in class, remembering our loves ones who are no longer with us.  It was a beautiful ceremony and a reminder to us that our loved ones will never be forgotten.

IMG 20201203 155608




Over the past couple of weeks, the students in 4th class have been learning all about Italy!

The pupils completed projects based on the country of Italy where they researched many topics such life in Italy, famous Italian food, famous Italian artists and musicians, famous Italian fashion designers and the Ancient Romans, to name a few!  The students spent time researching their topics both in class and at home.

italy 10

italy 9

After completing the research process and putting all of their information together, the children worked on completing their projects.  They did a wonderful job in presenting their work to the whole class.  

Well done 4th class! 


italy 3

italy 4

italy 5

italy 6

Italy 7

italy 8

Italy 2

Data in 4th Class

Since returning to school after mid-term, the students in 4th class have been working very hard!  In Maths, the students have been learning about Data.

IMG 20201103 134332

We began the week by using concrete materials.  This helped us to visualise the data and learn more about scale.

IMG 20201103 134516

As the week went on, the students decided that they would like to collect some data from other classes.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the students were unable to go to other classes so we sent virtual surveys to their teachers! Each group had to design a graph to represent the data they received from their assigned class.  I'm sure you'll agree with me in saying that the students did a fantastic job! 

IMG 20201106 161128

IMG 20201106 162155

Halloween 2020

4th class have had an extremely busy October! The children have worked extremely hard since their return to school in September.  Last Friday, we celebrated Halloween in our class by dressing up and having a movie afternoon! It was a day thoroughly enjoyed by all, and as you will see yourself, 4th class made a great effort to dress up and embrace the spirit of Halloween despite the current climate! 

thumbnail 3

thumbnail 5

thumbnail 6

thumbnail 7

thumbnail 8

thumbnail 4

thumbnail 2

Although we won't be able to visit the cinema this mid-term break, there was nothing to stop us bringing the cinema to us! 4th class enjoyed watching the classic Halloween movie, 'Hocus Pocus' with some delcious cinema-style popcorn and some treats! 

thumbnail 1

Happy mid-term and Happy Halloween, from all in 4th class! 



All about Kildalkey

SESE Kildalkey website

Over the past month, the children have been learning all about their village of Kildalkey! We learned lots of new interesting facts that we didn't know already! 

One thing we learned about is our patron Saint, St. Dympna.  St. Dympna lived in Kildalkey hundreds and hundreds of years ago in an Abbey.  The ruins of the abbey can be found beside the old graveyard.  There is also a well named after her, called St. Dympna's Well.  It is believed that if you have a headache, it will be cured at the well by dipping a ribbon into the water and wrapping it around your head.

September Artwork

Kildalkey art website

Hello everyone! 

Over the month of September, 4th class have been settling back into school after a long 6 month break from school! As you can imagine, there has been lots of talk and discussion surrounding Covid-19 and we have had to adopt many new rules and regulations.  The students will be very used to seeing teachers wearing facemasks and visors around the school, and may well wear them outside of school when shopping, etc. 

One of the art lessons completed by 4th class last month was 'Face Behind the Mask'.  As you can see, the students completed beautiful artwork with some fabulous face masks! What you can't see, is when you 'remove' the face masks the children have drawn self-portraits underneath.  I'm sure you can agree the children did a great job! 

A story we read during an SPHE was 'A Bad Case of Stripes' by David Shannon.  In this story, we learned about how each and everyone of us are unique and special in our own ways.  We completed silhouttes with our very own stripes, showcasing their strengths and their unique and special attributes! 

Kildalkey GAA

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