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Fourth Class

February - Engineer's Week Parachute Activity

For Engineer's week 4th class took part in an activity where they had to design and make a parachute for a Lego man. Firstly they explored the theme of forces by seeing how many ways they could make a toy car move. They discovered that they could pull/push the car and that gravity pulled the toy car down a slope which they made by tilting their desks. 

Feb - Engineers wk 1

Next the class watched a video of Felix Baumgartner skydiving from the edge of space and discussed how Felix was able to work against gravity and slow himself down. Through enaging in other experiments they discovered that the greater the surface area the greater the air resistance. Felix used his body initially and then his parachute to slow himself down. In groups the class worked together to design and make parachutes which would help slow a lego man down against the force of gravity. 

Below are their designs. All of the parachutes worked successfully and each lego man landed safely!

Well done 4th class!

Feb - Engineers Wk 2

Feb - Engineers wk 3

Feb - Engineers wk 4

Feb - Engineers wk 5

Feb - Engineers wk 6

Feb - Engineers wk 7

Feb - Engineers wk 8

Feb - Engineers wk 9

Feb - Engineers wk 10

Feb - Engineers wk 12

Feb - Engineers wk 13

Feb - Engineers wk 14

Feb - Engineers wk 15

February - Chinese New Year Art

Happy Chinese New Year!

This month 4th class were using the laptops in SESE to carry out some research about China and the Chinese New Year. They used the dkfindout website to carry out their research and learned that it's the year of the dog. For Art the children wrote their names in Chinese on scrolls. 

Feb - Chinese art

February - School Table Quiz

Well done to all in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th who took part in the School Table Quiz in February. There was a first and second place winner from each class.

Great fun was had by all!!


2nd Place




1st Place

January - Charlotte's Web Artowrk

Fourth class created some beautiful artwork with Ms Donnelly this month using their novel Charlotte's Web as inspiration. They created oil pastel spider webs, fabric barns and selfies of characters from the novel. 

Jan - spider webs

Jan - barns

Jan - character selfies

Jan - character selfies 2

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas from fourth class!

Dec - christmas concert

December - Advent Prayer Partners

During the season of Advent every child in fourth class was given another person in the class to pray for. They did their best to keep their prayer partners in their prayers and tried to do some random acts of kindness for them. During the last week of school before the holidays they made Christmas cards for their prayer partners and presented them during Religion. Well done to all in fourth class for entering into the Advent season in a very special way.

dec - advent cards

December - Christmas Village

For Art this month fourth class used recyclable materials and the technique of paper maché again to create houses for our Christmas village. They did a fantastic job, well done!

Dec - chirstmas village

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