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Fourth Class

Happy Halloween from everyone in 4th class!!

Oct - Halloween - Boys

Oct - Halloween - Girls

October - Art

Over the month of October, 4th class have been completing some Halloween art including monsters created from toilet roll cores. We explored the work of artist Pablo Picasso and Cubism, a style of art. Students then created a Halloween inspired cubism portrait, concentrating on bold, block colours, bold, black lines and strange placement.


Oct - Halloween Art


Oct - Halloween - Picasso

October - English

We explored procedural texts in October, and wrote the steps on ‘How to carve a pumpkin’. Students took turns completing these steps by carving their own pumpkins to ensure their procedural texts were sequenced correctly.


Oct - Halloween Pumpkin 1

Oct - Halloween Pumpkin 2

RSA talk!

Students in 4th class received a visit from a member of the Road Safety Authority team in September. Students got to revise important elements of Road Safety including walking, cycling and practising safe road crossing behaviour.

Thank you to the RSA.



September Art!

4th class students revised the colour wheel and painted some Autumn leaves using only primary colours and whatever secondary colours they mixed from these. 



Sept - Colour Wheel


Sept - Autumn Art

September - Artefact Lesson from Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox came in to show the students some interesting artefacts which had been collected by an antique collector, Michael Callaghan. The class guessed what the different artefacts were used for long ago and then had the opportunity to explore the uses and functions of the artefacts with their principal, among which was an old sewing machine, old lamps, money and an old version of a washing machine. 

 Thank you to Mr. Fox for such an interesting history lesson!Sept - artefacts 1Sept - artefacts 2

Goodbye Mr. O'Connor

Mr. Connor said goodbye to us last Friday, 16th September.

Mr. O'Connor has been in Kildalkey since 2007 and has taught many students in that time.


He was teaching 4th class this year, who are all very sorry to see him leave.

He was presented with a Kildalkey top upon his departure.


4th class will now be taught by Miss McGowan.

Best of luck, Mr. O'Connor!!

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