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Fourth Class

All about Kildalkey

SESE Kildalkey website

Over the past month, the children have been learning all about their village of Kildalkey! We learned lots of new interesting facts that we didn't know already! 

One thing we learned about is our patron Saint, St. Dympna.  St. Dympna lived in Kildalkey hundreds and hundreds of years ago in an Abbey.  The ruins of the abbey can be found beside the old graveyard.  There is also a well named after her, called St. Dympna's Well.  It is believed that if you have a headache, it will be cured at the well by dipping a ribbon into the water and wrapping it around your head.

September Artwork

Kildalkey art website

Hello everyone! 

Over the month of September, 4th class have been settling back into school after a long 6 month break from school! As you can imagine, there has been lots of talk and discussion surrounding Covid-19 and we have had to adopt many new rules and regulations.  The students will be very used to seeing teachers wearing facemasks and visors around the school, and may well wear them outside of school when shopping, etc. 

One of the art lessons completed by 4th class last month was 'Face Behind the Mask'.  As you can see, the students completed beautiful artwork with some fabulous face masks! What you can't see, is when you 'remove' the face masks the children have drawn self-portraits underneath.  I'm sure you can agree the children did a great job! 

A story we read during an SPHE was 'A Bad Case of Stripes' by David Shannon.  In this story, we learned about how each and everyone of us are unique and special in our own ways.  We completed silhouttes with our very own stripes, showcasing their strengths and their unique and special attributes! 

Copies Needed for Fourth Class

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The following copybooks are needed for 4th class:

·       English A

·       English B

·       Gaeilge A

·       Gaeilge B

·       Maths

·       SESE

·       Religion/SPHE

·       Homework A

·       Homework B

·       Maths homework A

·       Maths homework B

Many thanks,

Ms. Kelly

Advice Sheet - 4th Class

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With the reopening of our school quickly approaching, I am sure that there are many mixed emotions in your households, from great excitement to feelings of worry and anxiety. You can be assured that all of our staff here at Kildalkey NS have been working tirelessly to ensure that our school reopens in the safest way possible. The following document has been designed to advise you of the various approaches that are being undertaken by the school to facilitate a safe reopening and of things that your child will need in their classroom.

$1·        All single pupil families will enter the school from 9.20am-9.30am. All other children will enter the school from 9.30am-9.40am. Formal teaching will begin at 9.40am. 4th class pupils will enter the school from near the PE door, where they will be met by a member of the SEN team. This entrance will be clearly labelled. 4th class will finish school at 3.05pm, departing from near the PE door. Gatherings of children and/or parents in the morning/evening are strongly discouraged.

3rd and 4th


$1·        The classes have been divided into 2 groups: Group A and Group B. 4th class will be part of Group B, along with Senior Infants, 2nd class and 6th class. Little break will be from 11.15am-11.30am and big break from 12.30pm- 1.00pm. Although 4th class will be in the yard with the rest of Group B, they will not be permitted to leave their designated yard area and mixing with other classes will be forbidden.

$1·        Children are asked to bring lunch items that are easily accessible and easy to open. Children will not be allowed to put their food on the table and will use their lunchbox as a plate. Please ensure that your child has enough water for the school day as they will not be permitted to refill their bottles throughout the day.

$1·        We would ask that you purchase a large box (approximately 55 litres) for your child. This box will be used to hold your child’s belongings: all books, copies, coats, lunch boxes, drink, school bag, etc.

$1·        All children will need their own stationery. Sharing of stationery will be forbidden. Please refer to your child’s school book list, where a list of required items can be found. Ensure that all stationary items are labelled. Children are also required to have 2 additional homework copybooks. This is to reduce the number of items going from home to school.

$1·        Children are not required to bring their own hand sanitiser to school. There will be hand sanitiser provided throughout the school as well as in the classroom for the children. If your child has an underlying skin condition/allergy which means they cannot use the hand sanitiser/soap that is provided by the school, please inform the school and class teacher.

This document has been designed to ensure that the reopening of the school is done in the safest way possible. I would ask that you familiarise your child with the new routines they will be faced with going back to school. Please be assured that your child’s well-being is a top priority and we aim to make their transition back to school as smooth as possible. I am thoroughly looking forward to getting to know your child, and while it may be a strange year, I will work my hardest to ensure that it is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Kind regards,

Shauna Kelly

End of Year Message

Dear parents and students,


We have now reached the last day of our online teaching and learning. I would like to thank and congratulate you all for your incredible engagement and dedication over the past few months. It has been a learning curve for us all, adapting to new and strange ways in order to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe during these unusual times. We are so lucky to have the technology we do as it has allowed us teachers to stay connected with our students and continue to teach as best as we can. I really enjoyed my short time working with fourth class in Kildalkey and I wish all of my students all the luck in the world with all their future endeavors. I hope everyone has a fantastic and well deserved summer break. 


Best Wishes and kind regards,


Ms. Loane.


Work schedule 15/06/20 - 19/06/20

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Thanks again to everyone on all the work that was emailed to me and uploaded to Seesaw. As we approach the end of the summer holidays we will begin to wind down and reduce the workload as we would do in a normal school year due to sports days, school tours etc. So, for the next week I will upload a list of fun activities to Seesaw each day for you to choose from. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me via my email or on Seesaw. I hope you enjoy them!


Ms. Loane.


Thursday 11.06.20

Today is Virtual Activity Day!

Use the link below to access the Sligo Education Centre website for plenty of activities and demonstrations!

Suggestions of Sports Day Activities
 Three legged race
 Sack Race
 Long Jump
 Standing Jump
 Egg and Spoon Race
 Long Puck
 Long Throw
 Sponge Race – Filling up a Bucket with Water using Sponges
 100 metres, 200 metres, laps of field etc.
 Wheelbarrow Race
 Penalty Shoot Out
 Chin Race – Running with a ball under Chin
 Obstacle Course
 Hula Hoop Race
 Hopping Race
 Crawling Race
 Frog Leap
 Treasure Hunt
 Long Kick
 Rounders
 Welly Throw
 Soloing Competition
 Basketball Shooting
 Musical Chairs
 Kangaroo – (Ball between feet)
 Bottle Bowling – Using Football and Bottles
 Timed Jigsaw making
 Create an obstacle course for you and your siblings
 Flip Cup!
 Keepy Uppies!
 Dances from ‘Just Dance’. Or create a new dance!
 Skipathons
 Dribbling ball around obstacles in the garden.


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