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Fourth Class

December - Christmas Art 2019

Fourth class were busy this month decorating the classroom with Christmas decorations. They made Nativity scene stained glass windows, paper snow flakes, Christmas tree lights and paper chains. The classroom looked very festive as a result. Well done fourth class.

Dec 1

Dec 2

Dec 3

Dec 4

Dec 5


November - Intel Mini Scientist

Well done to all the boys and girls in fourth class who produced fantastic projects for the Intel Mini Scientist Competition this month. Alot of hard work was evident on the day and the children confidently demonstrated their learning on their chosen topic when presenting their projects to other classes, teachers, the judges and other parents.

Well done also to the Gaming Project from fourth class that came 2nd overall in the Mini Scientist Competition.

Nov 1. intel

Nov 2. intel

Nov 3. intel

Nov 5. intel

Nov 6. intel

Nov 7. intel

Nov 8. intel

Nov 9. intel

Nov 10. intel

Nov 11. intel

Nov 12. intel

September 2019 - All about Space

This month 4th class were learning all about Space. They made parachutes for Lego men in Science and investigated which materials worked best for their parachutes: plastic, cloth or tissue. They had great fun testing out their parachutes. In Art they created Space pictures using chalk and in English they read about the first humans in space. 

Sept - Space chalk art

April - Design of Homes/Rooms

This month 4th class looked at homes through the ages and the changes in architectural style over the years. They also looked at how homes and buildings are becoming more environmentally friendly and came up with some ideas of their own. They then created their own modern designs for rooms and homes using recyclable material. I think you'll agree that the boys and girls from 4th class did a fantastic job designing their homes/rooms. We may have some future interior designers and architects in our class!

april 1. Houses

april 2. House

april 3. House

april 4. House

april 5. House

april 6. House

april 7. House

april 8. House

april 10. House

april 11. House

april 12. House

april 13. House

april 14. House

april 15. House

april 16. House

april 17. House

april 18. House

april 19. House

april 20. House

april 21. House

April - Drumming Workshop

This month 4th class took part in a drumming workshop where they got to learn about the various types of drums and styles of drumming. They thoroughly enjoyed making some noise and learning how to play the various drums. Thank you to Dorian who facilitated the fantastic workshop.

april 1. Drums

april 2. Drums

March - Natural Features of Ireland

This month 4th class were learning about the difference between natural and man-made features in Geography. As a result, they each did research on a natural feature in Ireland and presented their findings to their peers and other classes. Well done to all in 4th class who produced fantastic projects on their chosen Irish Natural Feature.

Feb - Natural Features 1

Feb - Natural Features 2

Feb - Natural Features 3

Feb - Natural Features 4

Feb - Natural Features 5

Feb - Natural Features 6

Feb - Natural Features 7

Feb - Natural Features 8

Feb - Natural Features 9

Feb - Natural Features 10

Feb - Natural Features 11

Feb - Natural Features 12

Feb - Natural Features 13

Feb - Natural Features 14

Feb - Natural Features 15

Feb - Natural Features 16

Feb - Natural Features 17

Feb - Natural Features 18

Feb - Natural Features 19


February - Intel Lego Workshop

This month 4th class took part in a Lego workshop run by Intel. The workshop was based on the supply chain process and the various roles involved. The children got to experience taking part in a supply chain process by being given the task of manufacturing Lego cars in teams. The two teams competed against each other and each team had the following roles:

- Material sourcing

- Supplier

- Quality Engineer / Customer Delivery

- Team Production Engineering/Assemble Crew Group

The boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and took their roles in the supply chain process very seriously. Thank you to the 2 Intel employees who came in to 4th class to facilitate the fantastic workshop.


Feb - lego 3

Feb - lego 4

Feb - lego 5

Feb - lego 6

Feb - lego 7

Feb - lego 8

Feb - lego 9

Feb - lego 10


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