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Fourth Class

States of Matter

In Science we learned about 3 states of matter: Solid, Liquid and Gas.  Ms. Power gaves us a liquid (milk) in a ziplock bag and we mixed in a spoonful of sugar. Then we put it into another ziplock bag with ice and a spoonful of salt. We shook it until the liquid turned into a solid. After a while the milk turned solid. This was by Freezing. Some people tried it and thought it tasted the solid substance and thought it was like icecream others disagreed.

This could be one to try at home with a bit more sugar, vanilla essence and a favourite fruit.

SOM 3som 2



SOM 7som 9


Making Board Games

4th class had so much fun learning about Chance in Maths. Ms. Power did a lovely lesson, where the groups made board games and thought about the chances they had during the game! The games were so fun! 

making games 1

Making games 2

Love is in the Air

We thought about all the things we love about people in our families and write all about them in love hearts. We also made beautiful cards to wish the ones we love a Happy Valentines Day!V1 




4th Class Dance

4th Class have been working hard with Sarah, the dance teacher.

They recently performed the dance for the school assembly

Well done 4th class!




Athboy Credit Union Quiz

Credit Union 4th class Quiz Teams 

On Monday the 29th of February 2024, 2 teams from 4th class took part in the Credit Union quiz in the Darnley Lodge Hotel. 42 teams from the schools in the area took part. The teams represented the school fantastically with one team coming 3rd in the competition. Thank you to the Credit Union and Darnley Lodge hotel for the lovely finger food. We wish the winners all the very best in the next stage!

Credit union quiz

Blast Art Project

Blast Art Project 2024

We have been so lucky to have been choosen to take part in the Blast Art Project. We are working with Siún O' Connor.Siún O’Connor is a filmmaker from Walterstown, Co. Meath. After completing an MA in Film & TV Studies in DCU, O’Connor co-produced her first short film. Mechanic won the Tiernan McBride Award for Best Short Live Action Film at the Galway Film Fleadh 2013 and began a career in film production.

Siún O Connor

 Here are some pictures of us learning about film making. We have been drawing and fiming stop motion films.









4th class are learning Dance in P.E.

We are learning to dance in 4th class! It is lots of fun and we are keeping fit!


 1       2



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