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Senior Infants

Whoops a Daisy Angel


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During stations this week, we focused on our CVC words. Here you can see us practicing our words using magnetic letters.


Elfis is in the Building!!!

Today we saw the return of Elf on the Shelf. He arrived into Senior Infants in style.

We are looking forward to having him in the class for the next couple of weeks.

elf 1

Science Week

Yesterday we did an experiment which involved skittles. In groups, we placed the sweets around the outside of a paper plate. We   then added some warm water and watched as the water turned rainbow colours.




Harry the Hedgehog.



Inspired by Dale's book "Harry the Hedgehog", we made our very own hedgehogs using clay and spaghetti sticks.

Harry the hedgehog

hedhehog 2


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