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Senior Infants

It's not what's under the tree that matters, it's who's gathered around it

tree and elf


Christmas Art

Some of the fabulous Christmas Art by Senior Infants over the last few weeks. 

Reindeer picture


christmas tree

December 2020

Senior Infants celebrating after finishing their Christmas concert, great fun was had by all.

group pic

Science Week 2020

Last week, Senior Infants were busy taking part in Science week. We had great fun while learning all about different experiments. Each group made their own skittles rainbow. The colours and sugar dissolved in the water to make a colourul rainbow. The children also made Lava Lamps for Science week. They were fasicanted by the different colours and how the oil and water didn't mix. I can see many future scientists coming out of this class !!!

Yellow science

orange science

red group science

red science

blue lava

green lava

lava lamp

orange lava

yellow lava

Butterflies appear when Angels are near

In November, We Remember. This month we are remembering those who are no longer with us. Each day we light our candle of remembrance. The Senior Infants told us their favourite and funny stories of those that they wanted to remember. They created gorgeous butterflies and rainbows and we talked about if they were missing this person to look out for either of these things and we would know they are near. The butterflies in class will help us remember these special people daily.In November

School Images


Kildalkey GAA

gaa crest

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