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Fifth Class

5th Class May

This month we investigated the Aztecs. The students showed great research and communciation skills when presenting their projects on the Aztecs.

Collage 2021-06-02 15 13 34


The class made a brilliant effort creating colourful and detailed Aztec masks. 

Collage 2021-06-02 15 16 04


5th Class April

Our theme this month was An Gorta Mór - the Great Famine.

The class had great fun exploring with clay to create our own Castletaggart Famine village.

Collage 2021-05-13 09 20 06


We started reading our novel: Under the Hawthorn Tree. The students showed super imagination in their famine letters.

Collage 2021-05-13 09 19 04


5th Class March

It was brilliant to see everyone back in school the past 2 weeks and to have great life in the classroom again!

We had a busy time celebrating St Patricks Day, Easter and Wellness Week.

Here are some samples of our Easter Art. We had good fun experimenting with line patterns and paint.Collage 2021-03-26 17 19 37


As part of Wellness Week, we learned the famous Jeruselam Dance and gave a great performance in the hall  :) 

Collage 2021-03-26 17 25 34


St Patrick's Day was upon us quickly on our return to school. 

The students made lovely shamrock sculptures using rolled up paper and cardboard.

Collage 2021-03-26 17 23 48


5th Class Christmas Performance

Please see the 5th Class Christmas Performance below.

Well done to all the students on their terrific work!



5th Class November

We got through lots of hands on Science activities during November. Here are some photos of us creating model lungs and exploring force distribution. The students also created their own cardboard houses with sustainable features. 1606750044401


The students put a big effort into our art this term. We used chalk to explore shadows and create Christmas Snowmen. We used tinfoil and netting to create scales on our metalic fish. We learned about Tom Crean in History and drew portraits of a famous photo of him. 

Collage 2020-11-30 15 24 22

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