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Fifth Class

5th Class September

We had a busy month in September getting back into the swing of school life! In our first week the students created personalised portraits that displayed their strengths/ interests under the mask.

20200930 145535 


20200930 145542


In history, we learned about the Titanic. The students created wonderfull recounts based on life on board the Titanic as a 1st/ 2nd or 3rd class passenger.  


20200930 145950

20200930 150028


The class put a huge effort into their Geography projects and showcased their great research skills for each county of Ireland.


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20201001 145257


Advice Sheet - 5th Class

Hello everyone,

I am really looking forward to starting in Kildalkey NS and meeting all the students of 5th class next Friday! I know it is an anxious time for parents and children restarting school after so long but please be assured we are doing everything to ensure school reopens in the safest way possible. Please find below some important information that is specific to 5th class. I hope it will provide answers to any questions that you may have.

Entry and departure times and doors:

All single pupil families will enter the school from 9.20am – 9.30am.

All other children will enter the school from 9.30am-9.40am. 

Teaching will begin at 9.40 am

5th class pupils will enter the school from the door past the pitch gate entry, where they will be met by a member of the SEN team. This entrance will be clearly labelled. 5th class will finish school at 3.10pm, departing from the door past the pitch gate entry. Gatherings of children and/or parents in the morning/evening are strongly discouraged.

5th and 6th

Break Times

5th class will have their breaktimes at  11am -11.15am and 12.00pm -12.30pm. They will be sharing their yard breaks with Féileacháin Class, Junior Infants, 1st Class and 3rd Class. Children will not be allowed to leave their designated areas on yard and mix with the other classes.

Storage Box

You will need to purchase a large (55litre approx.) box which will hold: all books, copies, coats, lunch boxes, drink, school bag and any other items your child has been asked to bring to school.





Lunch items must be easily accessible and easy to open by the children. Children must use lunch box as a plate and not put food on the table. Children must bring enough water to do them for the day to avoid bottle tops touching taps.


Students will need their own stationery; there will be no sharing of equipment. Please refer to booklists for what is required in 5th class.

Hand Sanitizer

Students are not required to bring hand sanitizer. This will be provided by the school. Parents are requested to contact the school if their child has an underlying skin allergy/ skin condition and cannot use the school hand sanitizer.

Communication to teacher

Parents/Guardians can contact me through email if they have a query as face to face meetings cannot be facilitated due to COVID 19. Emails can be sent between 9.30am - 4.00pm, I will try to reply the same day however that will not always be possible. Any emails received after 4.00pm, will not be answered until the following day. Teacher email addresses will be put up on the school website at the start of the term.

I am excited to get started next week. I know it will be a different and slightly strange year but I will try my upmost to ensure it is as safe and fun as possible. Enjoy the rest of the holidays.

Kind Regards,

Mr Hennelly

End of year message from Aoife Lynch

Dear Parents and children, we are now on our last two days of online teaching and learning. I would like to sincerely thank you for all of your support and co operation during these uncertain times. It has been difficult and we all had to adapt to a new way of educating children as best we could. Seesaw has worked so well and it was great to connect with the children daily and it was lovely to see uploads, photos and videos. It is certainly a year we all will never forget but we will take lots of positives out of it also! I hope you all have a lovely summer and I look forward to seeing the children in the new school year.

Go dté sibh slán, 

Aoife Lynch. 

5th Class-15th-19th June 2020

5TH Class- 15th-19th June 2020

Dear Parents and children, I hope you are all well and had a nice weekend.

Parents, I want to thank you so much for all of your work in helping your child with seesaw and the work lists daily. It is much appreciated.

Children, you are the real heroes here . You have had to adapt to a whole new way of being educated during lockdown and the children who uploaded work to seesaw have been nothing short of incredible.

If we were in school the last week and a half would be spent doing fun activities and I am going to try and replicate that. Check in daily on Seesaw and you will see a list of fun activities to choose from. You can upload pictures of one fun activity you do daily from the list. It is wind-down time for us all.

Once again thank you for all of your work and support,

Kind Regards,

Aoife Lynch.


Worklist for 5th Class-8th-12th June 2020.

Worklist for 5th Class -8th-12th June 2020.

Dear Parents and Children,

I hope you are all well. We have hope this week as we move into Phase 2 of Restriction Lifting and things are getting back to our new norm.

Please find suggested worklist below. This week will be “Active Week” and there will be an activity every day with "A Virtual Activity Day” on Thursday.

Thank you for your continued support .

Kind Regards, Aoife Lynch.

Some useful website codes:

Folens: Prim20(roll number) 



Monday 8th

Morning Activity: Eachmorning I will put up an activity in your Seesaw activity journals, these are very well received by the children.

Active week Activity: Kids Zumba

English : Spellbound Revision Chapter

Character profile: Pick a character from “Under the Hawthorn Tree” and fill in the profile on I will put it on Seesaw

Gaeilge: Fuaimeanna agus Focail lth 101 Aonad 3 , Cuir 3 focail in abairtí gach lá

Féach ar an bhfíséan: An feidir leat?

Maths: Work it Out 1 day

Maths : Ultimate multiplication and Division Challenge

SESE: Pick a county in Ireland, draw, map, flag and write 6 facts on the county.

Tuesday 9th

Morning Activity: Quiz: on seesaw

Active Week Activity: The Body Coach 5 Mins workout https://www.y

English : What book is it?- Activity on Seesaw

Reading/Writing: Report Writing

Gaeilge: Download and complete

Maths: Countdown, Target 1,234, numbers: 2,000, 700, 80,50,5,2clock-

SESE: Daniel O’Connell cloze procedure Activity-page added to Seesaw

Wednesday 10th

Morning Activity: on Seesaw

Active Week Activity: Gaelic: Using a football, do 10 handpasses against wall, 5 hops,5 solos, 5 punt kicks, 5 high catches,

English: List 5 advantages to Phase 2 of Lifting of Restrictions :

Gaeilge: TG4,Donall Dána, series 2 episode 8, scríobh amach 30 focail i bhúr gcóipleabhar.

Maths: Work it Out: 1 day

Maths: Riddles on Seesaw

Art: Art for Kids Hub, pick a piece to draw following the instructions

Music: Music Quiz for Kids

Thursday 11th

Virtual Activity Day: Please check Seesaw journals and homepage of the school website for today’s activities

:Friday 12th

Morning Activity: Activity on Seesaw

Active Week Activity: Using a hurl and Sliotar: do 10 roll lifts,5 jab lifts, 10 solos, 10 short passes,5 pucks off the wall.

English: stem

Gaeilge: Abair Liom: lth 172, tarraing clog mór agus scríobh isteach 8 am.

Maths:T                                        Time Activity

Religion: June is the month of the Sacred Heart, write out the Prayer we say daily: Oh Most Sacred……

SPHE: Add to the jar:jar

RTE Home School Hub: 11am every weekday on RTE 2

RTE Home School Hub Quiz on Fridays

Cúla 4 Scoil: 10am gach lá ar Tg4

Looking forward to working with you on Seesaw this week. AL.

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