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Fifth Class

5th Class Christmas Performance

Please see the 5th Class Christmas Performance below.

Well done to all the students on their terrific work!



5th Class November

We got through lots of hands on Science activities during November. Here are some photos of us creating model lungs and exploring force distribution. The students also created their own cardboard houses with sustainable features. 1606750044401


The students put a big effort into our art this term. We used chalk to explore shadows and create Christmas Snowmen. We used tinfoil and netting to create scales on our metalic fish. We learned about Tom Crean in History and drew portraits of a famous photo of him. 

Collage 2020-11-30 15 24 22

5th Class October


We had great fun with our Halloween themed lessons this month! The students used paint to create an Autumn sky and stencils to create spooky houses for art.




We have been working on elaborating on our adjectives in our writing lessons. We gave a big Halloween R.I.P to boring adjectives like 'good' and 'big.'



The class loved dressing up before we finished up for mid-term. Here are some pictures of the super effort the students made!

dress up


With many of the elderly unable to celebrate Halloween with their grandchildren, we thought it would be a lovely idea to send cards to local nursing homes. The students researched different nursing homes in the area and we sent Halloween cards to boost the residents spirits.




5th Class September

We had a busy month in September getting back into the swing of school life! In our first week the students created personalised portraits that displayed their strengths/ interests under the mask.

20200930 145535 


20200930 145542


In history, we learned about the Titanic. The students created wonderfull recounts based on life on board the Titanic as a 1st/ 2nd or 3rd class passenger.  


20200930 145950

20200930 150028


The class put a huge effort into their Geography projects and showcased their great research skills for each county of Ireland.


20201001 145208


20201001 145257


Advice Sheet - 5th Class

Hello everyone,

I am really looking forward to starting in Kildalkey NS and meeting all the students of 5th class next Friday! I know it is an anxious time for parents and children restarting school after so long but please be assured we are doing everything to ensure school reopens in the safest way possible. Please find below some important information that is specific to 5th class. I hope it will provide answers to any questions that you may have.

Entry and departure times and doors:

All single pupil families will enter the school from 9.20am – 9.30am.

All other children will enter the school from 9.30am-9.40am. 

Teaching will begin at 9.40 am

5th class pupils will enter the school from the door past the pitch gate entry, where they will be met by a member of the SEN team. This entrance will be clearly labelled. 5th class will finish school at 3.10pm, departing from the door past the pitch gate entry. Gatherings of children and/or parents in the morning/evening are strongly discouraged.

5th and 6th

Break Times

5th class will have their breaktimes at  11am -11.15am and 12.00pm -12.30pm. They will be sharing their yard breaks with Féileacháin Class, Junior Infants, 1st Class and 3rd Class. Children will not be allowed to leave their designated areas on yard and mix with the other classes.

Storage Box

You will need to purchase a large (55litre approx.) box which will hold: all books, copies, coats, lunch boxes, drink, school bag and any other items your child has been asked to bring to school.





Lunch items must be easily accessible and easy to open by the children. Children must use lunch box as a plate and not put food on the table. Children must bring enough water to do them for the day to avoid bottle tops touching taps.


Students will need their own stationery; there will be no sharing of equipment. Please refer to booklists for what is required in 5th class.

Hand Sanitizer

Students are not required to bring hand sanitizer. This will be provided by the school. Parents are requested to contact the school if their child has an underlying skin allergy/ skin condition and cannot use the school hand sanitizer.

Communication to teacher

Parents/Guardians can contact me through email if they have a query as face to face meetings cannot be facilitated due to COVID 19. Emails can be sent between 9.30am - 4.00pm, I will try to reply the same day however that will not always be possible. Any emails received after 4.00pm, will not be answered until the following day. Teacher email addresses will be put up on the school website at the start of the term.

I am excited to get started next week. I know it will be a different and slightly strange year but I will try my upmost to ensure it is as safe and fun as possible. Enjoy the rest of the holidays.

Kind Regards,

Mr Hennelly

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