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Fifth Class

2 sides of us


Halloween Hell

ATTITUDEBloody messClowning arounddoin ma tingearly conformation prepFifth Flyers are aging megame timeGrim reaperHands up for more red saucehide the evidenceIll wait out herelunch timep p p pp pp ppP pPP PPPP chewpursuit of aspirationsRed MistRonaldoesquethats the bones of itthis is no zebrawait for itwhich witchYour ruler todayupside down for emergency

Realising the Imagination

Fifth Flyers creating their imaginations1 Posing for the part!!

Evolution AS I CHOOSE1 Evolution as i choose.....


Jupiter Imagination1 A thought can spring a thousand ideas!!

Mars Imagination1 Who`s in control here??

Mercury Imagination1 Resting from the imagination, normal service resumes with these scholars.

Neptune imagination1 Neptune conveying the power of the mind!!

Venus Imagination1 When creative minds ammalgamate!! 

Whos in control1 Who is thinking what here.....

where everything is something1 WHere everything is something....

we rise above the machines1 Our Life = Our Destiny

what is this NOT1 What is this not.... Take a guess..


The Fifth Class Flyers drew on some creative inspiration for the 2021 Credit Union Art Competition themed 'IMAGINATION'. 
The pupils created still shots of inventive scenes before embarking on creative masterpieces for the competition. 
image of thee imagination1

Image of the creative mind!!


5th Class May

This month we investigated the Aztecs. The students showed great research and communciation skills when presenting their projects on the Aztecs.

Collage 2021-06-02 15 13 34


The class made a brilliant effort creating colourful and detailed Aztec masks. 

Collage 2021-06-02 15 16 04


5th Class April

Our theme this month was An Gorta Mór - the Great Famine.

The class had great fun exploring with clay to create our own Castletaggart Famine village.

Collage 2021-05-13 09 20 06


We started reading our novel: Under the Hawthorn Tree. The students showed super imagination in their famine letters.

Collage 2021-05-13 09 19 04


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