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Fourth Class

January - Gymnastics

This month 3rd class were doing gymnastics in PE. Having learned and practiced the various ways of jumping and lifting off the children composed their own sequences and performed these for the rest of the class. The children did a fantastic job. Well done!

jan 2 gym


jan 3 gym


jan 4 gym

December - Christmas Art

Third class got School 2 into the Christmasy spirit by creating a hand Christmas tree for the door and making woolie hats and mittons. Well done third class and HAPPY CHRISTMAS! 

dec 2


dec 3

December - Advent Prayer Partners

During the season of Advent the children in third class recieved Advent prayer partners. They tried to pray for each other during Advent and tried to do random acts of kindness for each other. At the end of Advent the children made Christmas cards for their prayer partners. Below are their Christmas cards. 

dec 5

December - Felt Art Project

During the month of December the children from third and fourth class were working very hard to produce some beautiful Christmas Artwork. Anita Reynolds, a mother of one of the children in fourth class, came into School 2 and showed the children how to dye the felt for their project. The children then sketched their designs and cut their designs out in felt. I think you'll agree that they produced fabulous pieces of artwork. Well done!

dec 6


dec 7


dec 8


dec 9

December - Presentation of Flag and Proclamation

December the 8th was a very special day for our school. Two representatives from the Irish Army visited our school and presented us with the Proclamation and Flag. The children from third class thoroughly enjoyed the event. 


December - Shoe Box Appeal

Well done to all of the third and fourth class children in School 2 who brought in shoes boxes for the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal.

dec 1


November - The Stone Age

This month in History third class were learning all about The Stone Age. The children watched video clips on how the Stone Age people cooked their food, made fires, and carved their stones. They watched a cartoon about a Day in the Life of a Stone Age person. The children loved learning about the Stone Age and found it very interesting. They created cave paintings during Art using carcoal and chalk. I think you'll agree that they did a great job.

nov art

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