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Third Class

Christmas Art

10th December - Christmas Art

The children have been creating some Christmas snowflakes to decorate our classroom

Snowflake 1

Snowflake 3

Snowflake 2

Watching Animals

20th November - Watching Animals


This week we have been looking at animals. They have been studying animals in their habitats and working animals. We were looking at the great work the Dublin Zoo team have done recreating the habitats of the animals in their care.

We were watching the Animal Cams and saw the penguins and giraffe.

To take a look click on the links below, it's best to view the animals at feeding times!


Elephants can usually be seen daily around 10.30am and 12.30pm

African Savannah - Giraffe/Zebra:


 The wolves feed usually takes place Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the morning time


The penguin feeding time is 2.30pm

Science Week

13th November - Science Week 

Science Week

This year Science Week is celebrating 20 Years!

In first class we completed a number of experiments relating to the weather.

Here are some of the experiments we completed which you can do at home:



  • shoebox lid
  • ruler
  • flour
  • bowl
  • fine mesh sieve


Fill the shoebox lid with flour.

Use the ruler to smooth out the top, so that its level.

When it rains, hold the shoebox lid out in the rain until about 15-25 raindrops have fallen into the flour. Bring the lid inside to see what you've found.

Set the sieve over the bowl. Carefully pour the flour from the lid into the bowl. Shake the sieve gently.

The little lumps left behind are preserved raindrops. Carefully dump them out onto a table and measure them!



How to create a rain cloud in a jar/glass



  • Clear jar
  • Water (any temperature)
  • Shaving cream
  • Cup of water with a little food coloring
  • Dropper or spoon
  • Food coloring
  • Fill jar about 3/4 full with water
  • Spray shaving cream to cover top of water completely.
  • Drip water on top of the shaving cream using pipette.
  • Drip food coloring on top of the shaving cream.
When a rain cloud gets so full of water or mass, the water has to go somewhere and will break through the cloud and start to fall to the ground. As you pour or drip the water over the shaving cream cloud, the water will start to break through just a little bit. As the water breaks through, drip food coloring on top of the cloud.

Make a Rain Gauge

What you'll need:

  • A plastic (soft drink) bottle
  • Some stones or pebbles
  • Tape
  • Marker (felt pen)
  • A ruler


  1. Cut the top off the bottle.
  2. Place some stones in the bottom of the bottle. Turn the top upside down and tape it to the bottle.
  3. Use a ruler and marker pen to make a scale on the bottle.
  4. Pour water into the bottle until it reaches the bottom strip on the scale. 
  5. Put your rain gauge outside where it can collect water when it starts raining. After a rain shower has finished, check to see how far up the scale the water has risen.




23rd October - Halloween

The children have had a great first half term in first working very hard and having fun.

We have been studying Halloween for the last couple of weeks. We have looked at the origins of Halloween in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the traditions from the past which have changed and those which are still in use today.

The children completed two pieces of Halloween Art.

Tissue paper mummies and cardboard pumpkins as pictured below

Halloween 1

Halloween 5

Halloween 2

Halloween 3

Halloween 4


Maths Week

Maths Week

Maths Week

15th October - This week Maths week is celebrating 10 years. First class have been participating in the Maths Eyes problem. The Maths eyes project encourages children to view their environment through their maths eyes. We completed a Maths trail inside and outside the school. We looked for shapes, time on clocks, numbers written around the school. We also counted objects and measured different things with a metre stick.

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