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Third Class

The Farm

28th April - The Farm

The children have been learning about the farm for the last two weeks.

We have looked at food produced in Ireland and had a virtual tour of the Keelings Farm in Wexford. We also looked at farming in the past and now.

We compared farming in Ireland to farming in Australia. The chidren got to see footage of real Australian farms and an interview with an Australian farmer with a small farm (the size of Kildalkey!).

In art we drew of pictures of Frieisian cows:

Farm 1

Farm 2 

Farm 4

Farm 3


5th April - Fractions

The children were learning about fractions this week. Today in our Maths lesson the children had one half of a picture and had to draw the other half. Here are some of the pictures:

Fraction 2

Fraction 3

Fraction 1

Fraction 4

Engineer's Week

16th March - Engineer's Week

This week the children have been studying the Titanic. We lloked at different boats and their shapes. The children were set a group project to create a boat which will float and hold six Jenga Blocks.

Here are some of the boats, we had great fun testing them.Boat 2

Boat 1

Boat 3

Boat 4

Boat 5

Straw Rockets

28th March - Straw Rockets

This is a project we started in November. We tried to create the rockets with smaller straws but they did not work. We created bigger rockets and used wider straws and they worked!

Rocket 3

Rocket 1

Rocket 2

March Fun

15th March - March Fun

The children did a lot of work in March. We celebrated Saint Patrick's Day by creating a picture book about Saint Patrick. WE also created shamrock badges for Saint Patrick's and 3D Pot of Gold cards.

We also looked at out the events that have happened in our lives and created timelines in History.




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