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Third Class

Valentine’s Day in 3rd Class!

V-Day 2


V-Day 1


Valentine's Celebrations 2024

Two boys got great help this week in preparation for St. Valentine's Day!

Theresa helped two boys from 3rd class to prepare Valentine's Day pictures for their mothers - with two beautifully crafted pieces using shells!


Don't they look great!

Thank you Theresa and well done to the boys from 3rd class!!!!

Valentine's Day 2024

One of our teachers had particular reason to celebrate Valentine's Day this year!

Miss McGowan recently got engaged to her boyfriend Bob!

Many congratulations to the happy couple!!


3rd class came together to buy some flowers for their teacher to celebrate. They were presented to her by a parent, Selene Brennan.

Well done to the 3rd class for their thoughtfulness and congratulations to Miss McGowan!

Catholic Schools Week and Grandparents Day!

Grandparents Day


Oliver the Musical 2024!

On Thursday 1st February, students showcased an outstanding performance at the Mullingar Arts Centre. Their dedication and effort over the past few months truly shone through, and we couldn't be prouder of their achievement! 

Musical 1

Musical 2



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