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Third Class

Stories about Saint Brigid

7th February - Saint Brigid

The children learned about St. Brigid this week. We illustrated the different stories below:

St B Story 2

Saint Brigid lived in Ireland. Her father was a chieftain.

She left her father's wealth and went to help the sick and the poor.

St B Story 3

Saint Brigid heard Saint Patrick talk about God's love. He baptised her.

St B Story 1

Saint Brigid's well is in Kildare. The water is said to have healed people.

St B Story 4

Saint Brigid kept the ever-living fire going so people would have warmth and somewhere to cook.

St B Story 5

Saint Brigid asked the local chieftain is she could have land to build a convent and church. He told her to lay her cloak on the ground and she could have the land it covered. She laid her cloak on the ground and it grew and grew.

St B Story 6

Saint Brigid made a cross to show The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit

St B Story 7

Saint Brigid and the Fox. A man accidently killed the chieftain's fox. The fox was tame and could do lots of tricks. The chieftain told the man he would not be killed if he could get a fox like the one that was killed. Saint Brigid brought a wild fox to the chieftain that could do tricks. The man was saved. 


Saint Brigid

1st February - Saint Brigid's Day

We made Saint Brigid's Day Crosses

Cross 1

Cross 2

Cross 3

3D Village

30th January 2017

The children were learning about Kildalkey Village. In maths this week we were learning about 3D Shapes so we decided to make a 3D model of the village. Here are some buildings we made below:

3D village 2

3D village 3

3D village 1

3D village 4

3D village 5

3D village 6


January 2017

We are learning about Winter this month and we have learned lots of new facts.

We made these aerial view snowmen:

Aerial Snowmen 2

Aerial Snowmen 1

Advent Wreath

December 2016

The children are busy preparing for the Christmas celebrations and Jesus's birthday. 

We made Advent Wreaths.

Advent Wreath

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