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Third Class

Science Fair

Science Fair - 18th November

The children took part in a Science Fair with the other first class. They worked very hard and presented their experiment very well on the day. We thank everybody for attending and helping to make the day such a wonderful success. 

Here are some pictures of our experiments:










Village Shape Art

Village - 1st November

The children have been looking at different houses and materials used to make houses. 

In maths we were looking at 2D shapes, we created houses using shapes with various textured materials.

This is our Village collage of the houses we made:


Halloween Safety

25th October - Halloween - Oíche Shamhna

The children have been learning about Halloween - Oíche Shamhna.

We have been learning about the origins and traditions, being safe at Halloween, and they have been adding to their Irish vocabulary with words about Oíche Shamhna.

The children were looking at being Safe at Halloween and we create posters to reinforce these messages. 

Halloween Safety 1

Halloween Safety 3

Halloween Safety 2

Halloween Safety 4


20th October - Autumn


The children have been learning about Autumn over the last few weeks. We went on an Autumn trail and found signs of Autumn.

We collected some natural materials outside which represent Autumn and we used them to create the Autumn pictures below:

Autumn P 1

Autumn P 2

Autumn P 3



Shapes all around us

11th October - 2d Shapes

This week the children are looking at 2d shapes.

We are looking at the characteristics of these shapes and we are looking for these shapes in our environment. 

The children will be taking part in the Maths Eyes project this year where they will try to find maths in their everyday lives. - click here for more details

Look at our 2D Shape pictures:




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