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First Class

Dentist Webinar

Dentist Webinar

The children of First Class A & B attended a Meet the Scientist webinar in January with Dr Ciara Scott. They learned about mouth x-rays, how teeth get wobbly, how braces work and why it's important to keep your mouth healthy. They really enjoyed it.

Dentist Webinar

Winter Art

Winter Art 2024

First class A have been busy learning about Winter in January. We decided to use a different material - charcoal - to draw a winter scene. They used the charcoal to draw the scene and then used a smudging technique they learned to add depth to the pictures.

In another piece of art we used our inspiration from the song 'Walking in the air' to create an aerial view 3D snowman picture.

Winter Art

Nativity Story 2023

Nativity Story - First Class A

The children loved learning about the Nativity story. We took on the role as illustrators, we can see our pictures below.


Nativity 1

Nativity 2

Nativity 3

Nativity 4

Nativity 5

Nativity 6

Christmas Window Art 2023

Christmas Window Art - First Class A

The children had great fun creating a Christmas atmosphere in our room by painting the windows! They couldn't wait to go out and admire their creations.

Window painting

Window painting 1

Window painting 2

Window painting 3


Grinch Pictures 2023

Grinch Pictures 2023 - First Class A

The children showed off their artistic skills in creating everybody's favourite Christmas villain!

They had lots of fun completing a tutorial with Art for Kids Hub.

Grinch pictures

School Images


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