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First Class

Active Schools Week First Class 2023

Active Schools Week

This week we celebrated Active Schools' Week. We had great fun doing laps of our school, a fitness class, a dance class and orienteering. We had great fun, check out our class Seesaw to see a video of our dance!

Active Schools Week

Active Schools Week 1

Active Schools Week 2

Science Fair First Class



First Class Science Fair

On Thursday 16th of March we held a Science Fair for the members of our school and community.

We had experiments such as String Telephones, Rainbow Spinners, Float or Sink, Fingerprints, Acrobatic Clowns, Dancing Raising, Reaction Times and Mirror Writing

Science Fair

Science Fair 1

Science Fair 2

Science Fair 3

Science Fair 4

Science Fair 5

Science Fair 6

Science Fair 7

World Book Day First Class 2023

World Book Day

To celebrate world book day the children dressed up as their favourite book characters for our school assembly. Congratulations to Mae and Nova who won the most original and inventive costume awards. We completed lots of activities from creating book covers for our favourite books to going on a Where's Wally hunt. We had lots of fun!


World Book Day 1


Where's Wally Hunt

World Book Day 2

World Book Day 3

World Book Day 4

World Book Day 6

World Book Day 5

Blue Bots

Blue Bots

The children have been developing their spacial awareness and technology skills by using our Blue Bots. The Blue Bot robot can be programmed in a variety of ways using its buttons or through the Blue Bot app. The children designed their own challenges using cones and also completed challenges using the Blue Bot picture grids. The children had a great time using them and we hope to complete more difficult challenges over the next few weeks.

We first practiced giving the Blue Bots commands.

Blue Bot 1

Blue Bot 2

Blue Bot 3

Then we used the picture grids and made our own obstacle courses to complete challenges.

Blue Bot 4

Blue Bot 5

Blue Bot 6

Blue Bot 7

Blue Bot 8


Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

The children were learning about Lent and the preparations  for Easter. As we start of Lenten journey Fr Mark visited our school and blessed all of the children with ashes. It was lovely to see the return of this tradition. 

Ash Wednesday

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