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Sixth Class

Athletics in Sixth Class

The sixth class have been busy doing Athletics in P.E. in the guise of circuit training.


They have been having great fun, while getting fit!

A very energetic and fun class!



Letter from Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment

Two students, who were runners up in the Intel Mini Scientist competition in November, sent a letter detailing their project to the Minister of Communications, Climate Action and Environment.

Imagine their delight when they received a lengthy two and a half page essay response!

Thank you to the Department on a very detailed response and to the two girls, Ava-Marie and Lucy on taking the time to write to the Minister.

The response is here:




Safer Internet Day

In order to make Safer Internet Day, the sixth class got busy making posters highlighting the safe usage of the Internet.

Didn't their entries turn out great?!

Safer Internet

Safer Internet Day took place on the 5th of February, 2019.

Room Projects

The sixth class recently created their 'Perfect Bedrooms'.

Creating bedrooms out of a postbox, different materials and fabrics, they created some gorgeous rooms that looked practical and aesthetically pleasing.

They also created videos using Adobe Spark showing how they created the different projects.

They took great pride in showing them to the different classes - well done to the sixth!





Mondrian Art

The sixth class recently looked at the artist Piet Mondrian.

They observed his paintings and his use of straight lines and primary colours before creating their own works.

Didn't they come out well!

Well done to all the sixth on such terrific works of art!


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