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Sixth Class

Hallowe'en Dress-Up

Sixth class had great fun on Friday, 27th October when they dressed up for Hallowe'en.

Lots of great fancy dress costumes were worn including zombies, pirates, 80s children etc.


Don't they look scary!!1

The Time Warp!!!

In preparation for Hallowe'en, the sixth class students decided to learn the Time Warp Dance.

Two girls, Grace and Sarah, volunteered to teach the class. We had great fun learning the dance!


TW2Afterwards, the third class came down to learn the dance as well! Well done to both classes for learning it!

Zucchetto Visit

Sixth class were very fortunate to have been blessed with the presence of Pope John Paul's zucchetto recently.


A gift from Pope John Paul to Fr. Mark, Fr. Mark kindly allowed the zucchetto to be brought around the school by Mrs. Cogavin.

All the children got to view the zucchetto, in what was a very moving experience.


Thank you to Fr. Mark and Pauline for bringing in the zucchetto.

Sixth Class Trip to Athboy secondary school

The students from sixth class recently visited Athboy secondary school to view the school and sample some of their classes.


They participated in a P.E. class, an Art class, a Science class and a Music class.


The students really enjoyed their visit and the classes. They even saw one teacher light her hands on fire!


Thanks to all in Athboy secondary school for making the trip possible and so enjoyable!


World Wonders

The Sixth class have been working hard the last few weeks on presenting their own World Wonder projects.



They picked their own seven World Wonders and created posters, models and project books to go with them.




They then presented them first to the class and then to different classes throughout the school.




Well done to all the students on some great work!


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