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Sixth Class

Shaving Foam Art

As part of our printing lessons, sixth class used shaving foam to make art prints recently!


They began by mixing food drops into shaving foam, then creating designs in the foam through the use of skewers. Next, they used a stencil to shape the design they wanted.


Afterwards, they placed a sheet on top before peeling off the page and being left with a beautiful design.



Don't they look great!Foam3



FOam5Lots of creative artists in sixth class!!

All Ireland Final Colour and Excitement

The sixth class showed their colours for the All Ireland final on Friday, June 15th. 

Several students wore in Mayo paraphernalia, many of the students brought in home made Mayo headbands and Caoimhe even brought in a fabulous cake!!


Thanks to all the sixth class students and their parents for the great colour and excitement they brought to the class and the school.

All Ireland Final Art

In preparation for the All Ireland football final on Sunday, the sixth class prepared some art, using stencils to paint the GAA crest on a backdrop of the counties' colours on Sunday.


Most surprisingly, most of the students opted to paint their flags green and and red.


Don't they look great!!

Fourth Class Movie

Fourth Class have been doing lots of drama lately and created their own movie trailer! Take a look!



School Tour!

The fourth class really enjoyed their tour on June 7th.

First off, they attended Roddy Doyle's Writers' Workshop. Here they learned about creating characters and developing them for the purposes of a story. Then they wrote their own stories!



After a quick stop off at McDonalds, they attended the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun where they did some work on Engineers. They learned to build a K'nex tower that could hold an elephant and a tiger, a structure out of cocktail sticks and marshmallows that could withstand an earthquake and they also built circuits using electricity.







Finally, they made it to the National Aquatic Centre where they splashed around and braved the slides for hours. Great fun was had throughout the day!

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